Yankees “quietly interested” in Michael Bourn?

Ah, the language of the offseason rumor mill. What does it mean to be “quietly interested” in someone, and how does that differ than just being interested in them? I’m not sure, really, other than that I guess it’s different than making sure everyone knows that a certain player is someone you really want to acquire in the way that the Dodgers did with Greinke or that the Yankees did with C.C. Sabathia back in 2008.

Anyway, yesterday Nick Cafardo reported that “some believe” the Yankees are “quietly interested” in Michael Bourn, and could move in to sign him if the market for him continues to not really develop as a lot of people thought it would. That is, if they feel like they’re getting a bargain. I can understand that, but frankly I don’t really see where Bourn fits into the roster at the moment. He’s an okay average hitter with no power and good plate discipline who adds a lot of value with his superb defense and base running skills. Sound familiar? It should, as he’s basically the National League’s version of Brett Gardner.

Which is not to say that a Bourn acquisition couldn’t happen if the AAV of the deal is low enough, just that committing to an outfield of Bourn, Gardner, and Ichiro would represent a pretty radical shift in approach compared to what we’ve seen from the Yankees over the past several years, so color me highly skeptical of this rumor.

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2 thoughts on “Yankees “quietly interested” in Michael Bourn?

  1. At least this rumor is better than the "Yankees interested in Vernon Wells" rumor. Better by a lot.

  2. Bourn strikes out far more than Gardner. 140 or more times in three of the last four season. Don't need another one of those. Other than that, the skill sets are similar. Although I concur with not Montero's dad in that it's a better rumor than the Wells one. Which makes me wonder where Granderson is going to land. No way that rumor's out there without another bombshell waiting.