Report: Yankees not interested in Bourn

On Sunday, Nick Cafardo reported that the Yankees were “quietly interested” in free agent outfielder Michael Bourn. Today, ESPN New York’s Wallace Matthews reports that that most certainly is not the case, and that there is “no chance” the Yankees even pursue the speedy center fielder. As Matthews relays, the Yankees don’t like Bourn’s price tag, the fact that he hits left-handed, and feel that they already have a full starting outfield.

We talked kind of a lot about Bourn last night, and while I’m not sure I’m wild about it, there is a pretty interesting case to be made for signing Bourn (for the right price, naturally) and then trading Curtis Granderson, but that’s the sort of thing we can talk ourselves into when we’re starved for baseball action, and not generally the kind of thing that actually happens in real life. So as interesting as it may be to consider the potential machinations, or what the Yankees would look like with three elite defensive/no-power outfielders, my strong inclination is to think that this report is accurate, and the Yankees will not even really consider such a move.

Matthews does, however, reiterate that the Yankees are still looking for a right-handed hitting outfielder, and that Scott Hairston remains their preference. Hairston is looking for a two year deal, however, and he seems to prefer a return to the Mets as well.

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3 thoughts on “Report: Yankees not interested in Bourn

  1. I was surprised this got as much attention as it did. The statement was that "some believe the Yankees are quietly interested in Bourn". There really wasn't anything there to support the assertion, and it didn't seem logical with Butler, Granderson and Ichiro in the fold. With one year on his contract and after a down year in some ways, Granderson isn't ideal trade bait at the moment.

    I do thinks it's time to put Gardner in center.

  2. Need a RH outfield bat. Hairston would fit, but as you state, his preference is to return to the Mets. Too bad they are fixated on Nunez as a SS. I think his skills would eventually translate will to RF. Got a feeling if he isn't traded, he'll be the regular DH, which is kind of strange when you're talking about an athletic, if defensively challenged, healthy 25 year old. But barring a major trade, that's what we're looking at.

  3. "So Michael, how about a one year deal for the privilege of wearing Pinstripes…." Yeah, I could see that going far….