Yankees considered moving Austin backed to third

Well this is interesting: Chad Jennings reports that the Yankees considered moving top prospect Tyler Austin back to third base in the wake of the Alex Rodriguez injury news.

This winter, the Yankees at least considered the idea of moving Austin back to third base, but they ultimately decided to keep him in right field for the time being.

“He’s a better defender in right,” vice president of baseball operations Mark Newman said. “But (putting him back at third) is something we’ve thought about. It’s a possibility.”

Austin played third base in 2011, his first full season in the Yankees’ system, but shifted to right field last year and took off on a tear that took him from Low-A Charleston on Opening Day to a cup of coffee with Double-A Trenton to end the season. He drew surprisingly positive reviews for his work in the outfield, certainly better than the scouting reports on his third base defense. He’s definitely a bat first player though, so the defense just needs to be passable so long as he keeps raking at the plate.

Of course, Austin is probably still at least a year away from the big leagues, so it really makes no sense to talk about him as a possible fill in for A-Rod. That said, if he can stick at third base he could certainly become the heir apparent to the spot, assuming Alex will be forced into a primary DH role in the not too distant future. Then again, the Yankees need an outfielder too, so if Austin is more comfortable in that position there’s no particular need to move him in order to find a place to play if and when he’s ready for the big leagues.

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4 thoughts on “Yankees considered moving Austin backed to third

  1. Dude looks like he's going to rake no matter wut. Also i'm glad you pointed out there is no point to this b/c he's not gonna come up in 2013 anyways. But yes, he is going to be a raketey-rake-rake OF for the yanx. I even heard Austin's favorite season is fall b/c he loves to RAYKE. Ok i might be a bit optimistic cuz he's so carl yung, but who cares? He'll be able to hack it as an avg corner OF n rake just fine.

  2. I'd like to see an OF of Gardner (or Heathcott), Mason Williams and Austin on opening day, 2014. I think that is realistic if they develop as planned this year. Then the money saved can be used on the rotation and filling 3B and SS until someone another youngster or 2 can step in. I don't know if Bichette, Adams, or Culver will ever pan out and the 27 year old Cuban SS is an intriguing option but in any case I think the front office has really positioned the team to have a gradual injection of young, homegrown talent over the next few years. The payroll will be manageable and the team will be solid. I can't wait to see some of these youngsters crack the MLB roster.

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  4. So, here is a guy who did really well in A-ball and got a little taste of AA.
    Meanwhile the big team has a CF one year from free agency, a RF veteran two years from retiring and a LF who will start getting expensive. In the infield there is an ailing superstar at 3B and a one-year stopgap to fill in.

    My thought is: How can the current Yankee roster in any way affect this kid who is several years away from starting in the big leauges? When he's ready for his debut the Yankee roster will look completely diffrent.

    Just make him the best player possible, a good bat who holds his own at 3B might be better than the same bat who holds his own in RF and both are more valuable than the same bat holding his own at LF or 1B.