Pierzynski and Texas are close to a deal

According to a tweet from Ken Rosenthal, the Texas Rangers are close to making a deal with A.J. Pierzynski.

Sources: Pierzynski, #Rangers closing in on one-year contract. Deal will be pending a physical, not yet done.

It’s not like the Yankees were ever really in on the “Pierzynski” sweepstakes but this news seems to lend some crendence to the “the Yankees are going to find their catcher from within the organization” items we have been hearing and reading about all Winter.

Of course, there is always a possibility that Brian Cashman has something up his sleeve and that he may pull off another trade simliar to the one he made last January when the Yankees acquired Michael Pineda and Jose Campos for Jesus Montero and Hector Noesi.

It’s still December so there is plenty of time for the Yankees to get something done but there is always a chance they take a gamble and go into Spring Training with guys like Francisco Cervelli, Chris Stewart and Austin Romine competing for the starting catcher job.

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9 thoughts on “Pierzynski and Texas are close to a deal

  1. Especially if it's a 1y deal, I'm a bit confused as to *why* the Yankees wouldn't be in on this. Any thoughts?

  2. What are the reports on Romaine, how bad is he? He can't be worse in 2013 than cervelli and st ewart can he? Scouting report. anyone?

  3. Gene Michael is extremely high on Austin Romine and Brian Cashman has always trusted Stick's opinion. From all indications, Romine is an outstanding defensive catcher and has gap power. Figure his offensive output to be similar to his manager back in the day. Which wasn't spectacular, but also wasn't an atrocity. So unless Romine fails miserably, he will go to camp with the upper hand on the starting catcher's job. However, as Stacey says, you never know what Cashman has up his sleeve, but it shouldn't surprise any of us if the catching tandem is Romine and either Stewart or Cervelli.

  4. You know what, the more I think about it, the more I don't mind Romine starting. As long as they have an established backup behind him that is. If he has a good season, he could have a future at catcher or maybe be trade bait for next season. Same goes for Nunez. Both have the potential to bequality MLB starters and even if they don't end up on the team for the long haul they may very well be able to net the Yankees talent via trade if they show their true potential .

      • Very true, it'll be interesting to see if guys like Mason Williams, Gary Sanchez, J.R Murphy, and other young rookies will ever get to wear Pinstripes for more the a September call-up. Just read a rumor that the Yankees may package Williams and Sanchez for Upton, which makes no sense to me unless Granderson is traded.

  5. I'm fine with Romine starting as long as we're making up for the slack in the lineup elsewhere. I'm not confident that's going to happen. I think Ichiro gave us a few good games late last season but was otherwise as awful as he'd been over the previous 2 seasons. Youkilis was a good move but the potential for a very bad year is there, as is the case with Jeter and Teixeira. I have no idea what to expect from Grandy other than 35 homers and a ton of K's.The margin for error for this lineup is very thin so if we go with Romine, we need a bat