Swisher signs with Indians

It’s official: the Nick Swisher era is over. According to Mark Feinsand, Swisher has agreed to a four year, $56 million contract with the Cleveland Indians. The deal also include a vesting option for a fifth season that could bring the total value of the contract to $70 million. I feel like I’ve already said everything I could say about Swisher at least a dozen times since the end of the season, but now that we see exactly what the market held for him, my opinion of the situation really hasn’t changed. With the continued decline of Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez, plus Curtis Granderson‘s lack of consistency, Swisher was the Yankees’ second best hitter over the past couple of seasons, and to get him at this price at a time when Cody Ross is getting three guaranteed years is an absolute steal. It’s just absurd that the Yankees didn’t even feign interest in re-signing Swisher. Absolutely absurd.

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9 thoughts on “Swisher signs with Indians

  1. As a lifelong Tribe fan, I am very happy today. For once, a Yankee went west and home to Ohio and not the way of Maris, Nettles, Chambliss, Gamble, CC, etc!!!!!

  2. I like Swisher, but that's too many years at those dollars. I don't care what Cody Ross got; that doesn't make Swisher better, or younger.

  3. I like him as well but the money was too much over 5 years (easy vesting option) for a guy who hasn't produced in October on a team that needs to cut payroll. Even if he only wanted 10 million per year they just couldn't do it. ANY large signing now means they lose Cano if they want to be under the 189 in 2014. He will be missed in the lineup but not in right field.

  4. Can't argue with your point. My real wish was to see Granderson traded and use that money to sign Swisher for next year and three years down the road. That would have taken him to age 36 at which point they'd better have some young talent to take over. On a side note, the loss of Ibanez, while disappointing, really doesn't hurt long term. Keeping him would have exacerbated the aging of the roster and that position could be filled from other options out there.

  5. Christmas came a couple days early for the Swisher's. I wish him well but maybe now the Yankees can get someone who can do something when it's all on the line in the postseason. Happy Holidays to All.

  6. Well I'm pissed. I wanted NY to re-sign the Swish and Martin, and they didn't sign either one. I hope Swish does well in Cleveland. I think that NY's approach this off-season will not help in the W/L column. I fell like the Grinch this Christmas

  7. Totally forgotten in the argument is that Swisher is a self-promoting clown who should have been drilled in the numbers about four times during the season for his antics, which riled everyone from John Kruk to opposing managers. If the Yankees are supposed to be about class and sportsmanship, Swisher wasn't only a post-season bust but a regular season embarrassment.

    • Yeah, offending John Kruk really is the last straw. Kruk was the gold standard for how to conduct oneself as a professional, and his opprobrium is a shameful mark for any player to bear.