Swisher to Cleveland, Ibanez to Seattle

Both Nick Swisher and Raul Ibanez have agreed to contracts with new teams. Nick Swisher and the Indians came together on a 4 year $56 million deal with a fifth year vesting option. Raul Ibanez received a one year deal with $2.75 million guaranteed and $1.25 million in bonuses.

Neither player earned ridiculous money on the market, and it says a lot about the Yankees that didn’t match either offer. Last month I predicted the average annual salary of players on the free agent market, and Nick Swisher was set to earn $16.3 million based on his fWAR. The Yankees project to have about $30 million left in their budget if they re-sign Cano, so a Swisher contract would have cut that in half.

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One thought on “Swisher to Cleveland, Ibanez to Seattle

  1. Good riddance to him. He gorged himself on below average pitching during the regular season, skewing his statistics and creating the impression he was a better hitter than he is. He was a lousy defensive player and among the most prolific post-season busts ever. (For those decrying the ‘small sample size,’ it’s the post-season, by definition, the largest sample size is a small one). The Yankees were not going to win the ALCS this year, but he single-handedly blew the first game with two atrocious plays in the field. I hope he and the little lady find (regular season) fame and good fortune out there. Cleveland, he’s all yours.

    (By June, Brennan Boesch will have us asking, Nick who?).