Matt Diaz signed to a minor league deal

Matt Diaz, a right-handed outfielder the Yankees have been searching for, has apparently agreed to a minor league deal with the Yankees with a Spring Training invite. The news was reported by Marc Carig and Mark Feinsand as sourced by this Major League Trade Rumors post. Diaz fits the Yankees’ needs in several ways. He is old (35 in March). He is cheap and he will only be around for a season.

Seriously, Diaz has a career .770 OPS in parts of ten seasons, but more importantly, has a career .863 OPS against left-handed pitching. He can play left or right field and isn’t a total disaster at either but has not shown the ability to throw out runners over the course of his career.

Diaz could be useful in small doses against left-handed starters and to face those tough lefties out of the bullpen late in the game. But this is hardly heady news.

In other news, the Mariners DFA’s old friend, D.J. Mitchell when they signed Raul Ibanez.

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9 thoughts on “Matt Diaz signed to a minor league deal

    • never heard of Matt Diaz? I know he's never been a star, popular, or even very good, but he's been in the league for awhile and isn't a bad player.

      • To be fair, Diaz really has one good season (2009) and hasn't done much of anything since.

    • Um, he is actually well known. He hits well against lefties, and you should have watched the braves game when he sneakly tripped this man running in costume as the securities were chasing him in the outfield

  1. I'm sure Cashman is hoping for yet another lightening in a bottle signing. But I doubt Diaz will the the only player Cashman will bring to spring training in hopes of filling out that right handed power bat they need.

  2. If he's still hurt and/or no good any more he's gone in Spring Training and no harm: no foul. If he reverts to hitting lefties the way he did pre-injury he might be very useful in a sometime RH DH, bench bat, 5th outfielder role.

    • Agreed. You can't complaint about minor league contracts. Some work out, most don't but it is not like they are counting on him for anything at this point.

  3. Low risk, high reward move. The caveat is that he hasn't been fully healthy in four seasons, but if he can give the Yanks a Marcus Thames/Andruw Jones (2011 vintage) season, we'll all be pleased. Nothing wrong with this. Until we get past 2014, we're going to have to get used to these types of moves.