New Year’s Open Thread

Happy New Year!

I finally got used to writing 2012 on checks and now I have to start writing 2013. As quick as the year passed, the Yankees have done so much during that time. Jesus Montero was swapped for Michael Pineda, Hiroki Kuroda became a Yankee, Phil Hughes rebounded, Brett Gardner and Mariano Rivera were injured for nearly a full season, David Phelps emerged with a strong 2012 in the Major Leagues, the demise of the Killer B’s, Raul Ibanez became a post season hero, Nick Swisher and Rafael Soriano Russel Martin left for the Indians and Pirates, and Kevin Youkilis and Ichiro Suzuki are now in pinstripes. What a wild season.

Throughout that time, we’e had a number of great fans come to TYA. The game threads are usually brimming with emotional high’s and emotional low’s. And our writers, I believe, have done some of the best Yankee analysis on the internet. Whether it’s  number-based or a romantic piece, I’m always proud of what our authors do at TYA, and the response by our readers is always fantastic. Thanks to everyone for a great 2012, and here’s to a 2013 filled with Yankee analysis and perhaps a 28th World Championship. Happy New Year!

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3 thoughts on “New Year’s Open Thread

  1. I’m really excited for the coming years in Yankee land. It’ll be tough to see the veterans transition out, but also nice to see young guys come up.