Marlins willing to trade Stanton

Well, this is pretty much inevitable. According to’s Joe Frisaro the Marlins will listen to trade offers on Giancarlo Stanton. They’re being careful to say that they’re just following a policy of listening to all offers and aren’t actively shopping their only remaining Major Leaguer best player, but there’s no real reason to even acknowledge that publicly if you aren’t willing to part with him for a plausible offer. The Marlins tore up the core of their team with that big trade with Toronto in November, and although they could keep the super cheap Stanton around as a reason for people to buy tickets, it also makes sense to dangle him for a super-package of prospects to continue to aid the rebuilding process. Plus, Stanton took his displeasure with that trade public on Twitter, and Jeffrey Loria is the sort of petty tyrant who doesn’t take kindly to being challenged by the hired riff-raff.

Not that you should get your hopes up about seeing Stanton in pinstripes any time soon. As one of the game’s premier power hitters at the ripe old age of 23, and with another pre-arbitration season in his future, Stanton is one of the three or four most valuable trade chips in the game, and will require a hefty package that includes multiple high ceiling young players who are either already in the majors or knocking on the door step, and the Yankees simply don’t have those kind of assets at their disposal right now. Barring some sort of crazy multi-team agreement, the Yankees aren’t going to get anywhere close to acquiring Stanton, no matter how willing to let him go the Marlins are.

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14 thoughts on “Marlins willing to trade Stanton

  1. It might not be a popular idea, but if the Yankees don't plan on trying to resign him, Robinson Cano? This would all depend on if the Marlins would want to pay him next year, but he could fill seats there and the Yankees would still have to give a couple propsects in return. This would hinge on a lot though, including the Yankees being nearly forced to trade Granderson to some team, which wouldn't be a complaint from a lot, although they would nearly certainly be asking only for a 2nd basemen/catcher in return. Also, they would certainly still have to give prospects because Cano isn't enough. But if they could figure those things out, they might be able to do something. Just throwing a name out there though.

  2. What is this, a #yourtradeproposalsucks thread? LOL. Stanton, at 23, is already a stud.. Sanchez, Williams, Montgomery, et al are 1-2 years younger and still so far from the majors. Banuelos, Betances, Bichette aren't even in the conversatin for various reasons. Like Brien says, not even close. A sane GM would need a Wil Meyers type, just for starters.

  3. They might do it for a package of Williams, Austin, Sanchez, Heathcott, Banuelos, etc. But who wants him at that steep of a price?

      • for sure. didn't someone do a study proving that it was better to have one 5 WAR player than five 1 WAR player? Pretty sure that would be even more true, when its a pack of five ~0 WAR guys not even in the bigs.

        Heck – go all in and add Cito.