Matsui’s bat headed to Cooperstown

Hideki Matsui might not be destined for enshrinement with the immortals, but he’ll have a spot in Cooperstown all the same. From the Twitter account of Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson we learn that the bat Matsui used to hit a grand slam in his Bronx debut will be displayed in the Hall of Fame Museum. Matsui was the first player to ever hit a grand slam in his first game at Yankee Stadium, a fitting debut for a player who would go on to have many more great moments in pinstripes, ending of course with him being named the MVP of the 2009 World Series. Congratulations Godzilla on a well earned recognition in baseball’s most esteemed museum.

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3 thoughts on “Matsui’s bat headed to Cooperstown

  1. His 2009 World Series bat is already at the HOF, so I guess this doubles his pleasure, short of enshrinement! One of the best signings the Yankees have made over the years.

  2. I thought the bat was being investigated for taking Arboreal Growth Hormone while it was a tree. How can we let bats suspected of being juicers into the HoF?????