Great moments in self-awareness

Shorter Verbatim Blogger Murray Chass (after declaring that his heart belongs to Jack Morris, and decrying these whipper-snapper stat geeks and using this newfangled “ERA formula” to dare insist that Morris doesn’t deserve enshrinement on the basis of one game):

For some reason, the news media have not talked about the former catcher and steroids the way they have talked about Bonds, Clemens and Sosa. When I worked for The New York Times, I tried more than once to write about Piazza and steroids, but the baseball editor said I couldn’t because his name hadn’t been linked to steroids.

I can link his name to steroids, I countered, but I had to wait until I started this Web site to talk about Piazza’s acne-covered back, a generally accepted telltale sign of steroids use.

Some things simply require no added commentary.

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11 thoughts on “Great moments in self-awareness

  1. Thanks for the laugh. Zits on a back -> Steroids?

    Awesome. Scary to think all the steroid users that were in my Junior High.

    • Actually, acne pretty much goes away in your early 20's unless you are have a skin condition (aside from the random zit here and there). Google acne and steroids and you will see what he is talking about. A grown man with a back full of acne is either on steroids or has a rare skin disorder.

      • I got really bad backne for one summer when i was about 27. never happened before, never happened again, and i wasn't saucing. Still, i imagine persistent backne IS a sign of juicing. plus its piazza…so of course he was on the sauce :-)

      • That's not always true. If you have a condition like cystic acne, it can persist well past your 20's. I have it, and I still get zits on my back and other places I'd rather not mention even though I'm almost 60. Besides, I'd need more definitive proof someone was using PED's before I'd disqualify them from HOF consideration. Simply having a skin condition ain't it.

  2. Good to know its one or the other. No idea it was that clear cut, and set in stone. I knew enough guys in COLLEGE that also had rare skin disorders then. Because trust me – none of the guys I knew were steroid users.

    If they were, they didn't work – since we were all pretty much 150 pound weaklings.

    Not saying Piazza was clean or dirty, but I would need more proof than a back to make that determination.

  3. I had tons of back acne and still do, but obviously all I got were the side effects of taking steroids and none of the benefits. I'd still like to know who slipped them to me.

  4. I just assumed it was my sedentary, IT working lifestyle and horribly odd hours that caused it this late in life!. ;)

    • Yeah, my main hobby is video game playing and I'm in IT as well so probably the same here.

  5. Back acne does not = steroid use. Chass has nothing to base his accusations on but his own ignorance. Medical experts have called Chass' reasoning bullshit. Chass is a disturbed little man who is angry about being relegated to the fringes, and he is trying to be relevant. Unfortunately the effect is mostly pathetic.