On the Money: Hall of Fame edition

Really fun show to do tonight, in no small part because we spent the whole time talking about the Hall of Fame. That meant lots of steroids talk, for better or worse, but I think we had an unusually enlightening chat on that front with Jeff Pearlman of Sports Illustrated. Jeff is a pretty strongly anti-PED guy, which it won’t take long to learn from listening, but he makes some good points (even if I don’t agree with them), and adds the perspective of a guy who was covering baseball at the time to the conversation.

In the second half of the show, Mike Bates (The Common Man) of The Platoon Advantage and SB Nation joins us, and unlike Jeff pretty much winds up at exactly the place I am on most of the topics, so no fireworks here. As usual though, Mike makes several worthy arguments of his own, and we make it a point to get away from steroids and into the actual ballot, namely the guys on the margins of worthiness. So if you’ve been looking for someone to take up the cases of Larry Walker and Kenny Lofton, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Oh, and of course we find time to make fun of Murray Chass. Enjoy!

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One thought on “On the Money: Hall of Fame edition

  1. I can't understand the argument of voting for Mark McGuire but not for Sammy Sosa. McGuire was a one tool player his entire career and Sosa at least showed different tools during his career. The argument that Sosa only got his numbers from juicing is ridiculous if anybody wants to pretend that McGuire wasn't the same way.