Sherman: Yankees not interested in Delmon

Finding a right-handed hitting outfielder to balance out the three left-handed hitters who figure to make up their Opening Day outfield is the Yankees’ top offseason priority at the moment, but Joel Sherman reports that it won’t be Delmon Young fitting that bill for the Yankees. Young is certainly adept at hitting southpaws, with a .307/.341/.483 career slash line against them (117 wRC+), and a .308/.333/.500 line (125 wRC+) in 189 plate appearances in 2012. He’s also developed a reputation as a clutchy postseason hitter over the past two years, and won the ALCS MVP awardfor his efforts in the Tigers’ sweep of the Yankees’ last season. That said, he’s an outfielder in name only, so he would really be more of a platoon DH for the Yankees than an extra outfielder. What’s more, he was arrested for hurling anti-Semitic insults on the streets of New York back in April, so it’s not really hard to see why the Yankees wouldn’t even be casually interested in signing him.

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4 thoughts on “Sherman: Yankees not interested in Delmon

  1. The last sentence is exactly why I wouldn't want him on the Yankees. I remember when that happened and thinking about how happy/proud I was to root for players like Granderson, Teixeira, Jeter, Mo, etc that would never do something like that. I don't like to put too much importance on character but I think it does matter. After all the things I've read about Delmon (he also hit an ump in the minors) I don't think I could ever root for him in pinstripes.

  2. It's not my place to judge him as a person, but based on his past, i just don't think he'd fit in with the Yankees club house. It's a shame though, cause he could really slug against southpaws.

    • Why is it not your place to judge him as a person? A violent assault and an anti-Semitic rage form a very good basis for deciding he's not a good person and not a person you'd want on your team for that reason. I accept that none of us is as bad a person as we are on our worst day, nor as good a person as we are on our best. I also accept that people can grow and can achieve redemption for (many) past wrongs. Delmon Young has evinced no such growth, and I am very comfortable judging him, based on his actions, to be a disgrace as a human being.

      • i just wouldn't judge him as a person because i don't know him personally and do not interact with him on a daily basis. As i said, based on his past, i wouldn't want him in the Yankee clubhouse.