Dickerson designated for assignment

In order to make room on the 40-man roster for Russ Canzler, the Yankees designated Chris Dickerson for assignment. They have 10 days to trade, release or waive him.

Dickerson batted .266/.352/.407 in 599 plate appearances. He walked a lot, he had speed on the bases and played pretty good defense.

I hope if he does clear waivers and elects to go the free agent route that someone scoops him up. He seemed like a cool dude who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and who stood on the wrong side of the plate. Too many left-handed outfielders, no room in the lineup.

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7 thoughts on “Dickerson designated for assignment

  1. I wish him the best. He deserves a shot at playing full time, something he was never going to get with the Yankees.

  2. I hope Chris gets picked up and utilized by a team the same way that Justin maxwell did last season. It's tough to watch good talent stagnate in the Yankee organization.

  3. Agree with Phil – at least the part that I think Dickerson will do as well as Maxwell playing full time.

    Otoh, I HATE seeing good Yankees go to another team; this one doesn't even make that much sense – they can't say they can't afford him. Must be some kind of new master plan, trying to get the average age of the club over 35.

    Dropping guys with ceilings, signing guys with floors. Hate to see how this is going to work out come October.

      • Also not sure how Dickerson has a "ceiling" as opposed to a "floor." It's not like the guy hasn't gotten his opportunities at the big league level or anything. He's basically a useful fourth outfielder who can hit a little, but the Yankees want a right-handed hitter for that role.

  4. OK – fine. Still think Dickerson could do better. Whereas pretty much the consensus I've seen is that it would take a miracle for Ichiro to even maintain production through this year, never mind the next.

    But its ok, I guess – I see they're now reaching out to the Big Puma. He does work, since he is right handed, and is definitely over 35. And I guess I misspoke – he DOES have a ceiling, since he spent last year on the floor.

    • I like Dickerson, myself (since his days in Cincy, actually), but if I had to, I’d put my money on Ichiro having the better season this year.