No date set for A-Rod’s surgery

Sometime in the near future, Alex Rodriguez is going to have surgery on his left hip, but the exact date of that operation still has yet to be selected. Dan Martin of the Post reports that the surgery likely won’t happen until the middle of this month, at the earliest, and that general manager Brian Cashman would not speculate on a targeted return date for A-Rod. It was reported when news of the injury first broke that Alex would need 4-6 weeks of “prehab” work leading up to the surgery, so this sounds as though he’s still right on schedule, actually.

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5 thoughts on “No date set for A-Rod’s surgery

  1. Wow – I guess its close enough to the "prehab" time frame, but otoh, it sure seems like there is a lack of urgency here.

    I sure hope Youk has something left in the tank, and doesn't break down in ST.

  2. There have been rumors from the get go that Arod won't play at all.. I've heard from people with good connections that he's already been telling close friends and family that he's thinking about being the 2014 comeback player of the year (dunno if they even have that award in baseball, but in spirit)

    Does he really want to come back in mid august all rusty… play mediocre baseball for a month and a half while he recovers then be overmatched in the postseason again?

    It might be better for Arod AND the Yankees if he just focuses on being as productive as he can for the final 4 years on his deal, and chalk 2013 up to a lost year

    • I can't remember who wrote it, or even if I'm remembering correctly, but I thought I read here that there is a clause in Alex's contract regarding something happening if he missed a full season? Or was that just speculation?

  3. To Amanda: "According to a baseball source with knowledge of the contract, the Yankees are insured for a good portion of the $114 million they owe Rodriguez over the next five seasons (…) it is likely that New York could recoup at least 75 percent, and perhaps as much as 100 percent, of the money it would still have to pay Rodriguez. However, Rodriguez would have to be disabled for at least a full season before the team could begin to collect on the policy it has with Team Scotti, a Pittsburgh-based insurance firm (…)."
    Source : Wallace Matthews,, December 4, 2012.