Yankees claim Russ Canzler off waivers

And now for the most exciting news of the offseason, via Buster Olney:

Yankees have claimed 1B-DH Russ Canzler on waivers from the Cleveland Indians. A right-handed hitter, as they’ve been looking for.

Okay, Buster, I don’t honestly believe that Canzler is the right hander the Yankees have been looking for and neither do you.

So far this Winter, Canzler has given poor Eli Whiteside a run for his money in the “Who can be passed around the most before Spring Training?” contest having been claimed off waivers three times. First by the Blue Jays then the Indians and now the Yankees.

Canzler has a .270/.304/.396 line in 102 MLB plate appearances the past two seasons with Rays and Indians.

Brien: Like Stacey, I don’t really think that Canzler is the right-hander the Yankees have been looking for, which makes it even more interesting that they’re willing to potentially DFA someone in order to claim him. They have a full 40 man roster right now, and thanks to filling the roster with middle tier prospects they don’t have that many obviously disposable pieces there. In that vein, I actually find myself wondering what the odds that Dellin Betances doesn’t survive the winter are.

Update: It was Chris Dickerson who drew the DFA card. That makes sense, what with the Yankees looking for right-handed bench players and all.

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6 thoughts on “Yankees claim Russ Canzler off waivers

  1. 1B/DH???? He plays Corner OF and Corner INF and isn't bad at any of them so he basically replaces jones/ibanez/chavez because he can play the spots they did. Also there is still a good chance that Diaz makes the roster even with canzler because we have to fill jones/ibanez spot canzler/Diaz are a fit and then youk basically replaced Chavez on the 40-man but arods open spot on 25-man is still free prob filled by DH. I hope for DH to be filled by Travis Hafner who mashes and hits bombs to RF but had a down year last season so he would come pretty cheap.

  2. Rumor has it that he can play any infield position competently, and he might be able to hit. For the money, doesn't sound that bad.

    When you only have $3.88 left in your budget, you're not going to get many CURRENT All-Stars.

  3. He's played 120+ games at 3B in the minors with an .871 fielding percentage. So I guess he could play 3b……

  4. He probably wasn't the right hander the Yankees were looking for, but I think he may be the one the Yankees break camp with.

  5. This kind of news one expects from a mid to lower market team, but I guess this is the grim new reality.