Yankees have reached out to Berkman

Via Dan Martin, the Yankees “have been in contact” with free agent Lance Berkman about joining the team for the upcoming season. Berkman, who had a rather astounding bounce back season back in 2011 when he hit .301/.412/.547 with 31 home runs for St. Louis, was limited to just 32 games thanks to knee surgery in 2012, and was reportedly contemplating retirement as a result. Puma is said to prefer staying close to his Texas home, and the Rangers do have a standing offer out to him, so it’s not clear the Yankees are even doing much other than perhaps making the Rangers’ life a little bit more difficult (especially since Berkman is pretty much just a DH who hits better from the left-side of the plate which, though they have an opening for that, is not their top priority at the moment).

Berkman is notoriously not a fan of the American League nor the designated hitter, and with the exception of a few months spent with the Yankees back in 2010, his entire career has been spent in the senior circuit. If he wants to play another season, however, it appears that he may have to resign himself to being a primary DH, if only because it seems that the only teams interested in him are in the A.L. In addition to the Rangers and Yankees, the Astros, Rays, and Orioles have all been rumored to have some level of interest in the (potential) future Hall of Famer.

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5 thoughts on “Yankees have reached out to Berkman

  1. We need to sign BERKMAN I forget Jon sterlings call for berkmans HR. But it was funny. Also him being a DH wouldnprobably help him stay healthy even if ge has to backup OF/1B occasionally.

  2. signed with texas..this is the worst yankee blog ive seen. updated once a month and reports everything 2 hours after it was made public

  3. It's being reported on MLBTR that the Rangers and Berkman have agreed on a contract 1 year with a vesting option for a 2nd year.