Yankees to Boras: Thanks but no thanks

So this is interesting news about Rafael Soriano. Bob Klapisch just tweeted:

Told Scott Boras asked #Yankees last month if they’d consider taking Rafael Soriano back on a 1-yr deal. Request flatly denied.

That tweet was followed by one from Buster Olney:

The Yankees want the draft pick/draft dollars they’ll get when Soriano signs elsewhere more than they want him back, no matter the contract.

It’s interesting to me that Scott Boras asked the Yankees if they would consider a one-year deal for Soriano because I take that to mean that Soriano really liked his time in Pinstripes and/or that he hasn’t gotten any good offers from anyone else. I’m leaning towards the latter. I guess opting out hasn’t worked out the way he thought it would.

Earlier in the offseason, the Tigers were a possible destination for Soriano but since then, things have been pretty quiet. So where do you think he’ll end up now that the Yanks have told him “Thanks but no thanks?”

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10 thoughts on “Yankees to Boras: Thanks but no thanks

  1. Stacey I agree with your comment that it's probably likely that Soriano hasn't gotten any good offers from any other team. I might even go so far as to say Soriano hasn't gotten any offers from any other team. I applaud the Yankees for their response to Scott Boras request.

  2. Never doubt Scott Boras until the very end. I'm pretty sure some GM will offer a multi-year deal.

      • Hope so. In the back of my mind, I can still see Randy running in at the last minute and waving cash with a 5 year contract.

        Yes – I'm a pessimist. But they've done it twice now – once with Soriano, once with Alex. I won't entirely relax until someone not named Levine has made the dumb move.

  3. Well, when does the period at which he costs a draft pick end? First game of the season? I can see him getting a multiple year deal at that point.