Cashman: Jeter will be ready on Opening Day

From bad news on the injury front to good news: Brian Cashman told ESPN New York that things are going well with Derek Jeter‘s rehabilitation from ankle surgery, and that the Yankees’ captain is on track to be back for Opening Day. “It’s all in the doctors’ hands right now,” said Cashman. “But he’ll be ready on Opening Day.” As far as I know, this is the first time anyone in the Yankees’ organization has issued such a definitive statement on Jeter’s schedule, which is a good sign.

Though Jeter hsan’t been cleared to resume baseball activities, he is out of a walking boot and has been running on an underwater treadmill and biking. Casey Close, his agent, says that this won’t be a big deal, as Jeter typically doesn’t begin preparing for Spring Training until late January anyway. “His timetable would have been relatively the same as it is now,” Close said.

Now the Yankees just have to hope there are no significant lingering effects on Jeter’s production as a result of the injury.

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10 thoughts on “Cashman: Jeter will be ready on Opening Day

  1. 2014 is the big year for Jeter… that will ultimately be the year that decides if he will be in a position to get to 4,000 hits, compete for more titles and cement himself as a true baseball immortal

    As for 2013… hey every year is important, but if he can just stay healthy and play in 145-150 games, the rest will work itself out

  2. I hope Jeter has a big year in 2013 but I hate to think what that would mean for the Yankees as a team going forward. Obviously if he does perform close to his 2012 performance their is the risk (a very real risk) in my opinion of him declining his 2014 option and holding out for a a longer deal AND more money. Something I would hate to see the Yankees in a position of having to decide what to do.

    The Yankees need to get younger and more athletic going forward. And the 2 obvious positions that applies to are SS and 3rd base. Now 3rd base there is nothing the Yankees can do since A-Rod is still under contract through the 2017 season. But Jeter will turn 40 during the 2014 season if and when he exercises his option. And in my opinion it takes a rare athlete to quit when he's at or near the top than hang on for a year or 2 to long.

    I don't want to see Jeter turn into this generations Mickey Mantle by hanging on to long nor do I want to see the Yankees in a position of having to play a 40, 41 or 42 year old Jeter and having to deal with the public relations issues that would cause. That's just my opinion.

    • and it's a fair opinion… but the thought of 4,000 hits makes everything you just wrote *noise* imho

      • My friend with all due respect considering Jeter needs just under 700 hits to reach 4,000 that will arguably require him to play 4 more years at least. For me the team always comes first and I have no desire to see a 41 or 42 year old player playing full time perhaps the most difficult position on the diamond. Especially considering that Jeter's range is already an issue.

        I'd much rather see the Yankees win #28 and #29 over the next 3 or 4 years then concern my self with a particular players personal achievement(s). BTW, as I'm sure you know even 4,000 hits will still leave Jeter 3rd on the All Time hit list behind Cobb with 4,191 and Rose with 4,256. If you ain't first what does it matter.

        • The Yankees are always more likely to win a championship WITH Jeter than they are without him…. unless you were trapped under a rock for the ALCS this should be pretty obvious

        • Also, if you do the math Jeter could actually get to the all time runs scored record before Pete Rose…

          the order would be 4,000
          Rickey Henderson
          Pete Rose

          I personally can't wait, and I find it somewhat insulting that this would somehow be at the expense "of the team"… as if some random fan on a blog cares more about the team winning than Jeter does… it's JETER were talking about, not Terrell Owens

          • I actually like Owens and feel he's going to be unfairly kept out of the NFL Hall of Fame but the point still stands…

          • My friend your first post talked about 4,000 HITS. Now you're talking about 4,000 Runs Scored. What are you talking about above?

            The Top 5 players in All Time Runs Scored are:
            Henderson 2,295
            Cobb 2,246
            Bonds 2,227
            Aaron 2,174
            Ruth 2,174

            Jeter 1,868 (12th All Time according to the MLB web site)

            Over the last 5 years Jeter has averaged about 100 runs scored per. Based on those numbers and even if can can average 100 runs scored per year it will take him over 4 years to surpass Henderson's 2,295 total.

            Regardless how insulting you find it I stand by my earlier comment "I have no desire to see a 41 or 42 year old player playing full time perhaps the most difficult position on the diamond.

            BTW, I've probably been a Yankee fan longer then you have been alive. And whether you may or may not realize it all athlete's skills diminish over time including Jeter's. At some point those diminished skills will be a detriment to a team, just as they were with Mantle, Mays and a host of other great athletes that stayed one or two years to long in the game.

          • Yes, as a fellow human being I realize that a person's physicality diminishes as they get older…

            Since you've referenced Mantle… I should point out that even though he hung on too long, believe it or not, he was a valuable player until the end…. the batting average was weak but it was a pitchers era and he still got on base….. it may have been painful to see him be 1/10th the player he was in his prime but he was still good enough to play

            Also I think you are taking Jeter's leadership for granted… of course he still has to produce…. but as we saw in the ALCS… he is truly the beating heart of this team, it's not media hype, it's reality… he really doesn't have to put up awesome stats to help the team win, he just has to be decent, i think he can be for at least 3 or 4 more years