Nats shopping Morse after re-signing LaRoche

After weeks of piddling around on the free agent market, Adam LaRoche finally accepted the fact that no one wanted to meet his asking price after he turned down a qualifying offer and re-signed with the Washington Nationals. Between that and trading for Denard Span, that leaves Michael Morse on the outside of their starting lineup and available in potential trades. Mark Zuckerman of Comcast Sports tweets that Morse is “very much” available, and that the Nationals would seek a left-handed reliever and/or starting pitching depth in return.

Morse honestly isn’t much of an outfielder, but as a power-hitting righty who has hit southpaws to the tune of a career line of .303/.357/.503, he carries a big enough stick to be a perfect fit for the Yankees right now. Picking him up for a package built around Boone Logan or Clay Rapada would be something of a dream, but starting pitching depth isn’t necessarily something the Yankees have to offer right now, and you can rest assured that they will not be the only team interested in acquiring Morse’s services.

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9 thoughts on “Nats shopping Morse after re-signing LaRoche

  1. The fact that Morse is scheduled to make $6.75MM this year and then become a FA for the 2014 season should be very, very appealing to the Yankees. The question then becomes is how much do the Nationals want for him considering he's basically a 1 year rental.

  2. Pass…let's stop trading away young guys for stop-gap players. Let one of thekids earn the job in spring training…..

    • Which kid? The 34 year old one or the 26 year old one? Right now those two are the "kids" trying to earn the roster spot Morse would take.

    • Logan's a FA after this year. I think it's doubtful the Yankees will keep him once he becomes a FA so he's probably expendable. The Yankees can keep Rapada since he's still in the pre-arb stage with the Yankees. As for Warren the Yankees have several pitchers along the lines of Warren so he's probably expendable in this type of trade as well.

      Having said that all of this may be moot if Hairston picks the Yankees when he makes his decision.

  3. Mike Morse is a nice player. Not a Gold Glove defender but he doesn't have to be. He's strong and if I remember correctly has power to all fields. Might have to give something to get him, but he'd be an ideal fit if Hairston decides to stay in Flushing.

  4. I am pretty certain the Nats aren't going to give away Morse for a mid level reliever (or 2!)

    • Disagree. Morse is a luxury for them right now and he is just not suited to start for a lot of teams given his weak outfield play. The Nats need a lefty reliever and lefties are scarce. Especially good ones like Logan & Rapada. Logan is not mid-level btw.