Heyman: Soriano never approached Yankees

Some reports over the last week have had it that Scott Boras recently approached the Yankees about re-signing Rafael Soriano to a one year deal, as their interim closer has found the free agent market rather lacking after declining a qualifying offer from the Bombers. The Yankees supposedly turned him down flat, preferring to earn a compensation pick and additional draft pool money to adding Soriano to an already well stocked bullpen, but Jon Heyman now says none of that ever happened, and that Soriano wants to be a closer this coming season:

The usual caveats about Soriano being a Boras client obviously apply here, but there you have it.

Elsewhere, ESPN New York’s Andrew Marchand says that the Yankees haven’t actually shut the door on a Soriano return entirely, and that there is (at least theoretically) a point at which Soriano could bring his demands low enough that the Yankees would be willing to welcome him back. That seems like it should be a given, at least in nominal terms, so without any real detail I’m inclined to believe that we aren’t actually going to get anywhere close to that point.

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3 thoughts on “Heyman: Soriano never approached Yankees

  1. Having a story come out saying the Yankees flat aren't interested don't help his negotiations a bit.

    Of course, it "never happened." Whether it did or did not.

  2. Of course Heyman would dispute something that made Boras look bad. Hes been his puppet for years.

    Anything that ever has Heyman reporting on a player tied to Boras needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt.

  3. "No, man, Stacy didn't turn me down for the prom. I never even asked her."

    No one believed it in high school. No one believes it now.