Yankees surprised by A-Rod’s blabbing doc

We got an unusually detailed account of an ongoing injury situation when Dr. Bryan Kelly, who will be performing surgery on Alex Rodriguez‘s injured hip a week from today, spoke to Joel Sherman of the New York Post and expounded upon the nature of the injury and A-Rod’s chances at a successful rehabilitation. Authorization for that story did not come from the Yankees, however, according to a report from Christian Red in the Daily News. “Kelly was clearly lured in by Alex, who told (Kelly) to talk,” claimed the source for the story. That language is a bit odd, but the rest of the article doesn’t really carry any serious implication that the Yankees are upset about Kelly’s comments like they were when Mariano Rivera‘s rehab doctor prematurely speculated about Mo being able to return for the postseason over the summer.

The Daily News report also attempts to push back at Kelly’s claims that the injury had nothing to do with past steroid use by Alex. “I don’t understand how Dr. Kelly can be absolute that steroids didn’t cause the injury,” Dr. Lewis Maharam, past President of the American College of Sports Medicine, told the Daily News. “I think without seeing (Rodriguez), it’s likely, given his admission of steroid use, that steroid/HGH use caused the hip lesions due to the increased strength they produced in surrounding muscle tissues that naturally increase the torque on the hip joint.”

In a conference call with reporters, however, Kelly claimed that A-Rod suffers from a condition called femoroacetabular impingement, which occurs during the formation of the joint during childhood. Basically, Rodriguez has a somewhat misshapen bone in his hip that’s causing added wear on the joint, something totally unrelated to steroid usage. “This has nothing to do with performance-enhancing drugs,” Kelly declared. “Steroids don’t change the shape of your bones.”

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4 thoughts on “Yankees surprised by A-Rod’s blabbing doc

  1. Does Murray Chass now write for the News? Love that quote – "“I think WITHOUT SEEING (Rodriguez), it’s likely, given his admission of steroid use, that steroid/HGH use caused the hip lesions …”

    Emphasis added. Best way to form an educated opinion is to have a clear mind, unsullied by facts.

    • I'm truly amazed that such a highly educated person that was once president of The American College of Sports Medicine could say such a statement. It's one thing if he questions Dr Kelly's opinion; it is quite another to say "it's likely that steroid/HGH use caused the hip lesions." I'm still sitting here in disbelief.

      • Yeah, I was pretty taken aback by that on its own terms, but it's downright amazing in light of Kelly's subsequent explanation of A-Rod's condition.

  2. Yes it's a real reach to assume that a person injecting steroids DIRECTLY INTO THEIR HIPS FOR AT LEAST 3 YEARS… maybe a lot longer, might eventually develop hip trouble

    In other news, Ray Lewis was pretty good at football