Thames to become Tampa hitting coach

Former Yankee Marcus Thames is retiring from MLB to become the hitting coach for the Tampa Yankees, the club’s High-A affiliate. The team announced the move on their Twitter page. Thames was mostly known for his ability to hit left-handed pitching, and finishes his major league career with 115 home runs and a .246/.309/.485 slash line. He spent one season with the Yankees, 2010, a year in which he hit .288/.350/.491 with 12 home runs and served as a key part of the team’s bench as they advanced to the ALCS before losing to Texas. He also hit a memorable walk off home run against the Red Sox in May of that year for his defining moment in pinstripes. Congratulations to Thames on a very nice big league career, and good luck in his new job.

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3 thoughts on “Thames to become Tampa hitting coach

  1. Good for him. I'll never forget that first MLB AB where he mashed the big units first offering out to death valley for a HR.

    • Yes, I absolutely fell in love with the guy when he did that. First pitch in the major leagues from Randy Freakin' Johnson. He always seemed like a good guy, too. I wish him success.

  2. I'll also remember the 8 home run streak he had for each base hit he would have with the tigers.