Yankees have “nothing alive” on Morse

The Yankees are looking for a right-handed power hitter, but they have “nothing alive” in terms of trading for Washington 1B/OF/DH Mike Morse, according to Chad Jennings. Morse is going to be traded by the Nationals this winter after being left without a position by the acquisition of Denard Span and Adam LaRoche re-signing with the team, and the Yankees reportedly do have interest in acquiring him, but it’s far from clear that the Yankees are any sort of favorite to acquire the big righty.

When we asked Mark Feinsand about Morse on Wednesday night’s episode of On the Money, he was fairly bearish on the Yankees’ chances of acquiring Morse, noting that the Yankees didn’t exactly have a wealth of the sort of major league ready talent Washington would likely seek in return. The Nationals would like to add a left-handed reliever, but an offer centered around Boone Logan isn’t likely to get anything done given the level of interest there’s likely to be in Morse around the league. The Yankees do have a glut of prospects on the 40 man roster they could easily part with, but none of those guys profile as being ready to make an impact in the big leagues this season.

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7 thoughts on “Yankees have “nothing alive” on Morse

  1. From everything I've seen the Nationals appear to want a left-handed relief pitcher and/or prospects. I haven't read anywhere where reports say the Nationals seek "major league ready talent Washington would likely seek in return."

    Just my opinion but if anyone including the Nationals think they will get "major league talent" in addition to a left-handed relief pitcher for a 1 year rental of Morse whose scheduled to make $6.75MM they are probably mistaken. Just my opinion.

  2. Well this doesn't have much to do with this bit the mariners offered taijuan walker and 3 others for upton. Apparently walker is a future ace so do you think we could trade a year of grandy for taijuan walker an we could even through in a c or d rated prospect.

  3. Maybe it's just me but I get the feeling the longer it takes Hairston to make a decision the better the chance he chooses the Yankees. I would think if any of the other teams including the Mets had already offered him a 2 year deal he would have taken it. The Yankees and we fans should find out something reasonably soon I would think. Morse I would think would be Plan B for the Yankees.