Interpreters on the mound among proposed rule changes

Via Jayson Stark, the owners have approved a trio of proposed rule changes that will now be sent to the union for ratification. The biggest of those changes is likely a proposal to allow interpreters to join pitchers and coaches for mound visits with non-English speaking pitchers. The owners would also like to expand the number of coaches allowed in uniform to seven, in order to accommodate the growing number of teams who are hiring an assistant hitting coach, and to eliminate the fake to third throw to first “pickoff” play. The owners can actually implement that one immediately on their own, but they want the union to ratify it. There’s really no good reason to allow the move, especially since it would be illegal for a left-handed pitcher to do the opposite, and it’s a huge waste of time, so I hope they get that done promptly.

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3 thoughts on “Interpreters on the mound among proposed rule changes

  1. They should do a video replay thing kind of like NFL but they should get like 3-5 review chances per game but not on balls and strikes but on HR/ DP/DIVING CATCHES/ and they should automatically review the last out of each inning. Also I think there should be like a stand by umpire (extra one) to do te review so it's alot quicker and doesn't take 5 min.

    • With the advancement of technology I'd go with a centralized rewiew staff, a pair of umpires with a few technicians watching all 15 ML ballgames simultaneously. Should someone challenge or the umpires call for rewiew on their own the MLB technicians can find the relevant camera angles by the time the local crew reach their video "cubbyhole". Once the local umpire crew has their hand on the telephone the rewiew umps have already seen the questionable play and will make their recommendation; the local crew of course has the final say.