Ichiro sounds really happy to be a Yankee

The Yankees made an exception to their apparent policy of only signing one year contracts this winter when they agreed to give Ichiro Suzuki a two year deal, and the single season hit king told Japanese media that he feels a “fresh determination” as a result. “It is an absolutely unique team,” said Ichiro. “Being able to take my place alongside such players has been something I have thinking about.”

The Yankees and their fans are now left hoping that that determination leads to continued production, on the level they saw out of him after being traded to New York, as opposed to the level at which he played in his final year and a half with Seattle. At least for now, Ichiro is being asked to bridge the gap between Nick Swisher and their talented trio of outfield prospects, and with age, injury, and diminishing productivity affecting much of the lineup, there’s precious little room for mishaps for this team.

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4 thoughts on “Ichiro sounds really happy to be a Yankee

  1. I am totally excited about the upcoming season, watching Ichiro and Youk along side Jeter, Cano, Tex, Grandy, Gardner, CC, Andy, Hughes, etc. Seriously, since this is the team that will be put on the field, I will give them my undivided support. I can't wait for the season to start. And, as a plus, having the World Baseball Classic played this year, it makes waiting a little easier.

  2. As I said on a separate blog… Ichiro created more BPA (buzz per at-bat)… than ANYONE besides Jeter… and with 2 more full seasons could get to 3,000

    For a ownership group that's all about the business (read: MONEY) offering him 2 yrs. is a no brainer

  3. Thought For The Day

    Will the 2014 team be close enough to the "absolutely unique team" that excites and juices Ichiro or be too close to the recent Mariners teams whose increasing focus on youth allegedly turned Ichiro into a near has been?

  4. An awful lot has to go right for this team to be successful in 2013. Given that an awful lot went wrong in 2013, you'd hope the scales would balance out. All that being said, Ichiro is a young 39 and should be just fine in this environment. It would be surprisingif he didn't have a major positive impact on this club.