Rafael Soriano To The Nationals

Last year’s Yankees closer has just agreed to a two-year $28 million deal with the Washington Nationals, that includes a third year option. Though there was a bit of speculation that Rafael Soriano was desperate for a contract, the reliever certainly got his money.

With Nick Swisher in Cleveland, the Yankees now have the 27th, 31st, and 32nd round draft picks for 2013. These picks can move up a bit depending on where Kyle Lohse and Michael Bourn sign, but at the moment, the Yankees are in good shape for next year’s draft. Last season, these picks were worth $1.675 million, $1.575 million, and $1.55 million. That’s $4.8 million to spend on the first round of draft picks, or anywhere else they desire, and it’s $3.2 million more than they had to spend last season. The slot bonus amounts should go up in 2013, but so should the market.


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