Hughes, three others, file for arbitration

Yesterday was the deadline for eligible players to file for arbitration, and four Yankees were among those who did just that. Phil Hughes, David Robertson, Joba Chamberlain, and Boone Logan submitted their paperwork, and will go to an arbitration hearing next month if an agreement between the two sides isn’t reached beforehand.

Of the four cases, Hughes probably has the most interesting one. This is his final trip through arbitration, he’ll be a free agent next year, and he has some success (albeit not a ton of consistency) as a starting pitcher in the A.L. East. MLB Trade Rumors projects him to earn just shy of $6 million in salary next season.

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7 thoughts on “Hughes, three others, file for arbitration

  1. I have no doubt that all 4 players will come to agreement with the Yankees sooner rather then go to arbitration.

  2. Are any possible Morse deals including Logan on hold pending what Logan's salary ends up being?

    • Just my opinion but I think how much interest by the Yankees there is in Morse won't be know until Hairston makes his decision on which team he's going to play for. I think the Yankees would prefer Hairston because he won't cost them anything in the way of prospects.

      • Hairston also probably cheaper but I love that Morse has no platoon split — it's like having an extra player.

        • That's true about the cost. At $6.75MM Morse should be probably close to double what Harison is likely to get per year. And when you consider ever dollar the Yankees spend actually cost them 42 cents in luxury tax in 2013's that a pretty big difference.
          Morse $6.75MM pay plus $2.835MM in tax = $9.585MM final cost
          Hairston $3.5MM pay about plus $1,470MM in tax = $4,970MM final cost
          About a $4.6MM savings for the Yankees if they sign Hairston at that price.

  3. According to MLBTR the Yankees and Hughes have come to an agreement on a 1 year deal avoiding arbitration. No specifics yet.