Mariners acquire Michael Morse

The Yankees were said to be interested in Michael Morse the second he hit the trading block, but alas, you can put him into the pile of supposed targets who won’t be suiting up for the Bombers in 2013. Multiple outlets are reporting that Washington has agreed to send Morse to the Mariners as part of a three team deal that also includes Oakland. Seattle is sending John Jaso to the A’s who, in turn, are sending a package of prospects that includes A.J. Cole to Washington. Seems like a good deal for just about everyone but Seattle, and I’m not sure the Yankees could have realistically beaten the return it looks like the Nats will be getting. Shucks.

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6 thoughts on “Mariners acquire Michael Morse

  1. Hairston is a very possible candidate it would seem, considering this… "According to Mike Puma of the New York Post, the Mets offered Scott Hairston a one-year, $2 million contract." It goes on to say that Hairston wants 2 years and 8 million.

    If it ends up to whoever will ever pay the most for a 1 year deal, the Yankees could/should have him.

  2. A left handed hitting catcher with an .850 OPS and three years of team control remaining for one year of Mike Morse when you already have Morales, Bay, Ibanez, and Smoak, forcing you to catch Montero every day? Jack Zduriencik is the worst GM in baseball.

    • Time to give him a call then. Even up – swap Alex and Boone for King Felix, even up.