Yankees avoid arbitration with Hughes

One down, three to go. Via Mark Feinsand, the Yankees have avoided arbitration with Phil Hughes, coming to an agreement with the pitcher on a $7.1 million salary for the upcoming season. For what it’s worth, that’s almost $1.5 million more than MLB Trade Rumors projected Hughes to earn in 2013, so he’s coming out pretty well in this arrangement. It also bodes well for his chances on the free agent market next winter, when he’s likely to be the youngest of the available starting pitching options. A good campaign for this year should leave him looking at an AAV in the eight figure range on the open market now. It also makes me wonder again if the Yankees shouldn’t have made an attempt to get Hughes locked up now rather than tempt the market next year, when Plan 189 is in full effect.

The Yankees still need to come to terms with Joba Chamberlain, Boone Logan, and David Robertson, all of whom filed for arbitration this week.

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One thought on “Yankees avoid arbitration with Hughes

  1. I'm kinda shocked that the Yanks' offer came in so high relative to the MLBTR estimate as they have been pretty damn accurate. Just make Hughes all the more expensive in 2014.


    I just wonder if the Yanks braintrust has factored in the lower paid attendance that will result in a lesser product vis a vis getting under the $189K Mendoza line. Don't feed me ground beef and tell me it's filet and charge me as if it was filet. I'd sooner spend the time and save the $ watching at home with my boys.