Yankees, Robertson, submit arbitration numbers

The Yankees took care of almost every stone before the deadline to submit arbitration proposals today, but David Robertson remains un-signed, even though there apparently isn’t a lot of daylight between what the two sides are comfortable with. Via Ken Davidoff, Robertson submitted a proposal for a $3.55 million salary in the upcoming season, while the Yankees offered a $2.85 million salary. If the matter actually goes to a hearing the abritrator will choose between one of those numbers (my guess is that Robertson would win), but with less than $1 million separating them, I have a hard time imagining a deal won’t be struck fairly soon, allowing the Yankees to focus on their pre-arbitration players and filling out the rest of the roster.

5 thoughts on “Yankees, Robertson, submit arbitration numbers

  1. uyf1950

    I have a hard time understanding how the Yankees can come to agreement with Logan for $3.15MM yet offer Robertson $2.85MM. Are we in Bazzaro World?

    • Yankee Insider

      I agree a lefty specialist compared to Set Up man. But Logan was a closer at one point and didnt get a huge raise.

      • uyf1950

        I don't see where Logan was ever a closer not in Chicago, Atlanta or NY. The only difference is this is Logans 4th Arb year. and it's Robertson's 2nd.

    • ProfRobert

      I had the exact same reaction.

  2. Mattingly fan

    Robertson has been huge for us. Pay him an let's move on to the next set of excuses A-rod will have for not producing any type of numbers for us.

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