Austin gets invite to big league camp

I’m not sure if this already broke and I just missed it, but via this interview with, the Yankees have invited Tyler Austin to big league camp in Tampa. Austin, of course, had a breakout season last year and even got the direct attention of Brian Cashman, so the invitation is well deserved. He only topped out with a cup of coffee at Double-A, however, so don’t mistake this as him getting a serious chance to make the major league roster by any means (though there are worse way to address the current DH hole, amirite?), but more as a chance for the major league coaches to get a good look at him, and for Austin to learn from the big league coaches and players, and maybe even as a bit of an acknowledgement of the tremendous year he had in 2012. Most of all, it means there’s a good chance we’ll get to see Austin take at least a few at bats in the early schedule games, which I’m legitimately excited about.

I would imagine that a full list of non-roster invites should be released soon, and I expect several familiar prospects to make the cut, including Gary Sanchez, Slade Heathcott, Mason Williams, and Mark Montgomery. Off hand, I do know that the Yankees have extended an invitation to fireballing righty Corey Black, as Black announced as much on Twitter recently.

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2 thoughts on “Austin gets invite to big league camp

  1. I really hope Montgomery starts the season with the team, just so i can watch him pitch. Seems like a really special pitcher.

  2. Still only 21 years old he has time to show his value to the Yankees, This invite is probably as much about give him some experience at higher level and showcasing him. It wouldn't surprise me if he continues to improve we could see him in 2014 at Yankee Stadium. It will be nice to see some of the young guys get some exposure.