Carl Pavano does Carl Pavano things

I really hate to even kinda-sorta have a laugh at injury related misfortune, but Carl Pavano is hurt again. He reportedly fell down while shoveling snow and ruptured his spleen. Obviously we all hope he’s okay and doesn’t suffer too much from the injuries, but for better or worse I doubt too many Yankee fans are going to have much sympathy for Pavano, who may well be the most loathed Yankee of my lifetime (loathed by the hometown faithful, that is). The Mets had actually been talking about bring Pavano back to New York for weeks now, but I imagine that will be on hold given this latest injury. Frankly, that’s probably in the best interests of everyone.

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5 thoughts on “Carl Pavano does Carl Pavano things

  1. I suspect that the Mets didn't have any further interest after landing the free agent bargain of the year yesterday.

  2. Carl Pavano was scheduled to start another article in 5 days but due to his injury he will be sitting out his next 10 to 15 articles.

  3. What was it Bill Parcells once said about a player? " This guy is as soft as Carvel ice cream".

  4. It really is amazing to think how this guy is so loathed and all for taking George's money and doing nothing but getting hurt and then staying hurt . It's not like he is Bucky Dent but then again somehow it feels almost right ; Carl Pavano