Derek Jeter is doing “baseball stuff” in Tampa

In somewhat exciting news, Derek Jeter, according to a person in the know, has resumed baseball activities.

Eric Boland tweeted, “Told by person in Tampa Jeter did baseball stuff on field for first time since surgery. Took swings in batting cage and fielded 55 grounders.”

Jeter, who is now just shy of five months removed from his 39th (gasp!) birthday, was recovering from ankle surgery in October and looks to be right on schedule for an Opening Day return to the Yankees’ lineup.

It’s nice to hear good news on a snowy Monday here in the New York area. This news also means we’re another day closer to Spring Training. 15 days and counting!

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One thought on “Derek Jeter is doing “baseball stuff” in Tampa

  1. Lifelong Yanks Fan

    (1) We need a righthanded outfielder/DH.
    (2) Alfonso Soriano is a righthanded outfielder/DH.
    (3) He hit 32 HRs and 108 RBI last year.
    (4) The Cubs want to move him and will pay most of his salary to do so.
    (5) Soriano is a former Yankee who had success in NY, can handle the media, etc.
    (6) So why aren't the Yankees talking to the Cubs about him?

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