Pineda taking positive steps toward his return

Via Eric Boland of Newsday:

Michael Pineda is ready for his next step of rehab. Threw last flat ground session today, progressing to half-mound tomorrow

This is good news and it pleases me greatly. I am hoping for the best for Michael Pineda. I hope his rehab is setback free and if it is, I still think he can be a major contributor when he returns to the team.

I also hope that there aren’t obsessive reports about Pineda’s velocity like last season. I really think that had an effect on him and could have possibly played a part in his injury. Of course, I’m not a doctor, I don’t play one on TV and this is my own wild speculation but it just seemed awfully fishy to me that so many reports came out about his “low” velocity and then suddenly, after he starts trying to throw hard, he injures his shoulder.


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7 thoughts on “Pineda taking positive steps toward his return

  1. Sorry about inserting this off topic. But I really wanted fans to see this in case they haven't here is the headline, the link has the comepete article:

    New York Yankees' Mason Williams Among Top 10 Outfield Prospects.

    | New York Yankees prospect Mason Williams was named by as the 10th best outfield prospect in the minor leagues on Monday.
    The site described the 21-year-old Williams, who Baseball America recently named as the team's top overall prospect, as a potential impact player.

  2. IF Pineda can come back strong and something close to his first half of 2011 the Yankees 2014 season begins to look a lot better even with their intention to get under the tax threshold. Heck Pineda contributing in the 2nd half of 2013 and A-Rod returning somewhat close to form (fingers crossed) could be the difference between going deep into the postseason in 2013 and squeaking in.

  3. If reporting in the pre season drove him to destroy his arm, what is going to happen in a stretch in the regular season when he throws a few stinkers. If he is so affected by the media surrounding the NYY then there was never any hope for him to begin with. It sounds a little ridiculous for that to be the primary driver of his injury.

  4. If he's tossing off half a mound now, how much longer before he could be ready for actual game action (assuming his performance is there)?

  5. I hope he does come back strong, if only to stop the pining for Jesus Montero and the carping about what a bad trade it was.