A-Rod denies new PED accusations

Alex Rodriguez has released a statement denying reports from today’s Miami New Times that he used banned substances as recently as 2012. From Joel Sherman’s Twitter feed, here’s the statement:

“The news report about a purported relationship between Alex Rodriguez and Anthony Bosch are not true. Alex Rodriguez was not Mr. Bosch’s patient, he was never treated by him and he was never advised by him. The purported documents referenced in the story — at least as they relate to Alex Rodriguez — are not legitimate.”

With the language here, Alex is actually denying not only that he used illegal drugs, but the other stories that he was even connected to Bosch. Meanwhile, the paper has published every mention of A-Rod from the files they reviewed.

Something tells me A-Rod is going to regret this statement.

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16 thoughts on “A-Rod denies new PED accusations

  1. It is tragic that ARod is so dumb, because he is actually a nice guy. He just doesn't know when to stop doing dumb things and when to stop talking.

  2. Unfortunately, A-Rod's credibility on this issue is suspect, because he's lied about using PED's before. I hope, for his sake, he's not involved in this, because if he is this might be the final nail in his coffin careerwise. Given the rumors floated recently concerning how bad the Yankees want out of his deal, I can see them using this as a golden opportunity to dump him, if it turns out to be true.

    • I agree with everything you have said. Also i believe Alex because if he did PED's last year then he should ask for a refund because they didn't do anything for him. So lack of production, i think, supports his denial. I think if he would have performed like Melky then his denial would be suspicious. But i am sure in most fans, he was/is guilty to begin with because he is Alex Rodriguez.

      I am sure most fans will not give him benefit of the doubt just like they didn't in the 2012 playoffs. It was in the offseason we learned that his struggles were mainly due to bad hip. But time will tell.

  3. " I did NOT have sex with that woman."

    or – if you prefer,

    "It depends on what the meaning of the word is is."

    Of course, Alex doesn't know him, has never met him, hasn't even been in Florida.

  4. Where in this statement does he say that he did not use illegal drugs? All he seems to be saying is that he wasn't (directly?) treated by Bosch and was not one of Bosch's patients. Of course, Bosch could have given PEDs to Cousin Yuri and Yuri could have supplied them to A-Rod, and that would not be inconsistent with Alex's statement.

  5. I've always tried to support A-Rod and gave him a pass on the PED issue in 2009. Everyone makes mistakes and he was under tremendous pressure. But if this one pans out and he is guilty of using HGH, etc. then I am done defending the guy.

  6. Apologies for being slow and off my game today – but really – is anyone SURPRISED that Alex has denied any and all allegations? Any one of us could have put out a news release to that effect – and other than the exact wording, we would not have been making a false posting. Just an early one.

    Oh well. Wish this had broken earlier – its been a slow off-season. Otoh, this should tide us over until pitchers and catchers report in two weeks.

    • You would think that Arod, or at least his agent, would be smart enough to make NO comments. Don't even say "no comment." Just say nothing. Make no appearances. Stay low. Don't go out to any parties, don't make any red carpet appearances. Just work out and go home to watch Netflix or something. I don't get why this is so hard for him.

      • Because part of the perks of being a highly paid athlete is the celebrity-perks and the gobs of money that you can spend on things.

        • Then he can swim in a pool of gold doubloons or something. No public appearances or statements. He has made very little noise this off season, why could he just keep on doing that? Whatever he was doing was working, then he decided to make this stupid comment. It only stands to hurt him, he gains nothing for speaking. Even if what he said is 99% true. Even if he didn't use any peds in the past few years. Even if he was never prescribed anything. Even of he never saw the guy as a patient. If he even met the dude, even once, his whole statement becomes just another lie.

      • Because silence is treated as the same thing as an admission of guilt.

        Review every case of every athlete when first accused of PED guilt, including the few cases where the athlete was shown to be innocent. No matter what the first response, it's treated as the wrong response. There's nothing good A-Rod can do here.

        • That simply isn't true. Not speaking is NEVER an admission of guilt. It is nothing. There is no information gained or lost. Speaking always opens the door for being implicated in a wrong doing of some sort. It doesn't matter if you are completely innocent or completely guilty, claiming innocence can only hurt you.

          • I wasn't talking about how the law regards things … I'm talking about the court of public opinion.

    • Don't count on that. I have yet to hear a sound legal analysis supporting the Yankees' right to void the contract., and I am fairly certain that I never will. Many national sports journalists just "report" whatever their front office sources tell them, without bothering to consult with the appropriate experts. Unless A-Rod's contract expressly includes PED usage as grounds for termination, his punishment, if any, will be limited to the punishment provided by the CBA — a 50 game suspension.