Report: A-Rod could be done with Yanks

The Yankees might not be likely to void Alex Rodriguez‘s contract, but according to a report from Bill Madden and others in the Daily News, A-Rod may have played his last game as a Yankee anyway. According to the always available “sources familiar with” the situation, A-Rod could up and decide to retire, or “settle,” walking away from the $114 million left on his contract.

Yeah, right.

The logic of the piece seems to be that diminished performance will push A-Rod to walking away altogether.

“I don’t know why he would want to go through the pain of rehabbing and trying to play up to the caliber of player he was, and come back to a game where nobody wants him,” a “baseball official” told the reporters. “If he did that, he’d be a part-time player and presumably unable to achieve any of the incentive clauses in the contract or even the milestones.”

Personally, I think this sounds like a guy who doesn’t spend much time paying attention to professional athletes, who always seem to think they’re just a quick fix away from figuring it all out once again. The idea that A-Rod, who has already denied the allegations in full, is going to decide to retire because he’s no longer a 30 home run hitting MVP candidate certainly isn’t supported by the trajectory of the last three seasons, and that’s without even considering the massive amount of money he’s still guaranteed.

The unknown variable here, I suppose, is that surgically repaired hip. If it continues to be a problem for Alex and cause him pain, I coud see him deciding it was time to hang ’em up, but that’s not what we had previously heard about the situation from A-Rod’s doctors. Prior to this, all of the news about the injury have been about as good as they could be under the circumstances, and we even heard that the damage to the hip was not a bad as originally thought.

Look, anything is possible, especially given that there will be further investigations of this matter that couldresul in new damning details coming out, but for now fantasies of A-Rod exiting the Yankees organization, especially by giving up nine figures worth of salary, are probably no more than that: fantasy.

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10 thoughts on “Report: A-Rod could be done with Yanks

  1. Seems pretty clearly a "leak" from the Yankees — putting the idea out there and hoping for some wish fulfillment.

  2. I doubt A-Rod cuts a deal for a buyout worth less than his contract. It doesn't seem his style and he does have a chance (albeit a slim one) to beat the PED rap. I read the New Times article and the prime evidence against A-Rod is a series of handwritten notebooks, supplied by a former clinic employee/part owner. In it are multiple entries for "Alex Rodriguez" or some variant. There are at least 73 people named Alex Rodriguez living in Florida alone. There are also at least 5 people named Yuri Sucart (the name of A-Rod's cousin) in Florida. OK, you know and I know that's a pretty good indication we're talking about the MLB player. But don't you think a top lawyer could get a jury to admit that there could be reasonable doubt which Alex Rodriguez the notebooks are referring to? Unless the MLB investigators and/or the DEA can come up with several eyewitnesses or physical evidence (something the New Times couldn't do after a three month investigation), in a court of law A-Rod could beat this. Doesn't mean everyone won't believe he's guilty, or that the commissioner won't ban….

  3. There is a scenario where Arod does choose to resign . In Japan , the term is window sitter : an employee who is of no use to the corporation , but sits at a window and twiddles his thumbs but still collects his pay . Imagine Arod sitting on the bench called to pinch hit with the team up or down 10 runs walking to the plate as all 50,000 fans hurl abuse at him , verbal and otherwise . 81 nights of public ridicule . No more endorsement money , except mb for rat catchers . No more clubbing , with a drink 'accidently' spilled in his lap every ten minutes . Life in NYC a living hell : retirement could look pretty good at that point . Fat fetched to be sure , but no more absurd than $25 million/year to do exactly what ??

  4. him, but he could still walk away with all the money he's owed. And I expect that A-Rod, being the narcissistic, shameless d-bag he is, will play this out.

  5. On A-blog, he called this – the News report – nothing but a pipe dream. Good choice of words – its cold, the team has done nothing this off-season, why NOT dream?

    Because, as you say, unless the pain is such that Alex can't walk or slowly jog the bases, he'll keep playing – if only because ONE – that's who he is, and TWO – $114 million dollars.

  6. I'm not really seeing much of any press or questions about Nelson Cruz or even Gio. I know everyone's waiting for MLB to do their investigating but in the meantime is A-Rod going to the punching bag for PED's again? I thought it was bad enough when he was the only name leaked from that list of 100 players but apparently the sports media hasn't had their fill yet. [not that he doesn't deserve it]

  7. I have to agree that this all seems like a pipe dream. The "too injured to resume" and "ped retirement" are about less than 5% likely from what we hear on the medical front and almost no chance for the kind of punishment to end his career.
    That being said, if he struggles to come back this year and the PED rumors/reports are proven to be true one has to believe he MIGHT consider a buyout for 70 million. If the Yanks got that it would be a win (and I don't think AROD is even worth the 13-14 million a year half his salary would pay at this point).

    • This still seems like wishful thinking to me. If he didn't have a contract, maybe he would just call it a day, but he has a contract and he is a competitor and he is on a team that has a good shoot of making the playoffs most years.

      Why would he walk away from the stupid money they are throwing his way?

  8. Cruz has been, to my knowledge, really quiet on this front. Gio has denied it. Does anyone have any link with Cruz denying yet?