Yankees “on verge” of deal with Hafner

Rumors started swirling yesterday that talks between the Yankees and Travis Hafner were getting serious, and today Chad Jennings reports that the two sides are so close that the agreement could be announced as early as today. In fact, he says that an agreement has already been reached, and it’s now all about haggling over the contractual language. No salary figures have been disclosed, but it’s believed the deal will be close to the $1.1 million salary the Yankees gave Raul Ibanez last winter.

According to Jennings, the plan is to use Hafner strictly as a platoon DH.

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7 thoughts on “Yankees “on verge” of deal with Hafner

  1. Good signing for us. What about Chone Figgins though in a UTIL role for us??? He can play 2B/SS/3B/RF/LF and plays each solidly. Also he is a switch-hitter and can still hit fairly well. He would bring us a UTIL guy that can bunt/steal/pinch run/ and basically do anything to help us out. Then we would have a very solid Bench especially since he can play almost every day. Plus his batting stance has his bat on his shoulder so it shouldn't take much work for Kevin long to fix it since he made grandy and cano do that.

      • Who cares if Figgins can't hit water if he fell out of a boat. Can he still play D? If he can and can be had cheap he would help. Youk is no sure thing or spring chicken and Tex needs rest days (as does Jeter) and Nunez is a nightmare in the field unless he never has to throw the ball.

        • You might want to check out Figgins fielding percentage for 3rd base in 2010 and 2011. As for him subbing for Jeter and or Tex you can count on 1 hand the amount of times Figgins has played 1st base in the last 8 years and he's never played SS as best I can tell. He really hasn't been very good defensively either.

  2. Nice move for us but I was thinking about it and we almost have to many RHH OF now and when you think about it jones wasn't a RHH OF he was suppose to be the RH part of DH platoon. So I think power hitting Canzler or Rivera are the best options because they can play more then one position but Neal and Diaz are both better defensive OF and Neal mashed in the minors just as much as Canzler did and Diaz would just be another old veteran so on that part I see Neal or Canzler winning the job. So Neal or Canzler as RH OF with Rivera RH part of DH and Canzler either way probably being apart of our team.

  3. Just read where the Yankees Hafner deal is official it's for $2MM guaranteed with $4MM in possible incentives. For $2MM plus incentives it is a very good deal for the Yankees. If he earns all the incentives it's a great deal for the Yankees. Because that means he stayed healthy. It's a win, win for the Yankees.