Yankees Sign Juan Rivera

According to Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York, the Yankees have signed right-handed outfielder Juan Rivera to a minor league contract. The former Yankee will compete with Russ Canzler, Matt Diaz, and Thomas Neal for the current major league right-handed outfield spot this Spring Training. His 106 wRC+ in 2012 against left-handed pitchers is his one positive factor for the team, but on a minor league deal, this signing can’t hurt.

Yanks sign Juan Rivera to a Minor League deal

Andrew Marchand filed a report a few moments ago, in it he revealed that the Yankees have signed Juan Rivera to a Minor League deal. Rivera will be competing with both Matt Diaz and Russ Canzler for the right-handed hitting outfielder slot. As everyone knows, the Yankees’ outfield is left-handed hitter heavy with Ichiro Suzuki, Brett Gardner and Curtis Granderson.

Rivera last played for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2012. He hit .244 with nine home runs and 47 RBIs. He was injured for part of the season with a balky hamstring and played in 109 games.

Rivera who began his career with the Yankees, was traded after the 2003 season, along with Nick Johnson and Randy Choate to the Montreal Expos for Javier Vazquez. (Ahh, memories.)

In a particularly cringeworthy moment during the 2005 season, Michael Kay erroneously went on a half-inning rant mistaking Juan Rivera, then a member of the Los Angeles Angels for Ruben Rivera, the guy who stole Derek Jeter‘s glove.

I know people will be joking about this move but it’s one of those cliched “low risk, high reward” sort of thing. No one is expecting Rivera to hit 25 home runs but he’s a body and he swings from the right side. At least it’s something, right? Continue reading Yanks sign Juan Rivera to a Minor League deal

Kay signs multi-year extension with YES

Not a fan of YES broadcaster Michael Kay? Well then today is definitely not your lucky day. The television voice of the Yankees has reached an agreement on a multi-year extension with YES to continue serving as the lead play-by-play man for their Yankees’ broadcasts, the network announced today. Kay will also continue to serve his various other roles for the network, including hosting Center Stage.

Believe it or not, I’m pretty apathetic on the topic of Kay’s game calling skills. He’s got his quirks, not all of which are endearing, but that’s true of any broadcaster outside of a select few. He’s not in the top tier of game callers around the league by any means, but he’s also far from the worst, which is good enough for me. Congratulations to him on the new contract. Continue reading Kay signs multi-year extension with YES

Derek Jeter is doing “baseball stuff” in Tampa

In somewhat exciting news, Derek Jeter, according to a person in the know, has resumed baseball activities.

Eric Boland tweeted, “Told by person in Tampa Jeter did baseball stuff on field for first time since surgery. Took swings in batting cage and fielded 55 grounders.”

Jeter, who is now just shy of five months removed from his 39th (gasp!) birthday, was recovering from ankle surgery in October and looks to be right on schedule for an Opening Day return to the Yankees’ lineup.

It’s nice to hear good news on a snowy Monday here in the New York area. This news also means we’re another day closer to Spring Training. 15 days and counting! Continue reading Derek Jeter is doing “baseball stuff” in Tampa

Is Mark Teixeira the X-factor to the 2013 season?

It all began so well for the Yankees and Mark Teixeira. Tex was the secret sauce in the 2009 season. Everyone knew the Yankees were going after pitching. But no one realized that Brian Cashman was also stealthy keeping tabs on Tex. When his contract negotiations with the Red Sox stalled the Yankees swooped in and picked him up. It was the difference maker in the 2009 Championship, adding that big bat to the lineup on top of the elite pitching. For one season it went by the script. In 2009 Tex had a .402 wOBA and led the American Continue reading Is Mark Teixeira the X-factor to the 2013 season?

Can Pettitte Continue His Success In 2013?

It’s been nearly a year since Andy Pettitte unretired. As shocking as his return to baseball was, no one expected him to pitch like did. Through 12 starts in 2012, Pettitte finished the season with a 22.8 K%, a 6.9 BB%, and a 3.48 FIP. Though his fluke injury limited him to only 75.1 innings, he held a 2.87 ERA, and continued to post numbers in the range of CC Sabathia. The left-hander will be 41 years old this season, and with only 12 major league starts under his belt since the end of 2010 season, his ability to succeed Continue reading Can Pettitte Continue His Success In 2013?

MLB, DEA, investigating A-Rod contact

Major League Baseball and the Drug Enforcement Agency are investigating a Miami based contact of Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, and other MLB players for connections to illegal PEDs, the Daily News reported Saturday. Anthony Bosch is alleged to have served as a contact for players looking to secure performance enhancing drugs, mostly through his father, Pedro Bosch, a doctor who came under suspicion with MLB back in 2009 when he was connected to Ramirez after the then-Dodger was suspended for failing a drug test.

According to the report, Bosch “advised” A-Rod on nutrition, diet, and training, and also consulted with Alex on a blood test. It does no appear as though A-Rod himself is under any significant scrutiny and, again, Bosch has been on MLB’s radar since 2009, so this isn’t much of a breaking development. MLB is apparently looking to stamp out a ring of drug suppliers linked to HGH and synthetic testosterone, especially in the wake of several failed drug tests in he past year, most notably by Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, Carlos Ruiz, and Yasmani Grandal. Continue reading MLB, DEA, investigating A-Rod contact

The end of Alex Rodriguez?

On Friday Brian Cashman revealed that it is possible that Alex Rodriguez will miss the entire 2013 season. Cashman pointed out that he does think the Yankee slugger will be back on the field sometime in the second half of the season, but he gave a nod to reality when he indicated that there is also a chance A-Rod doesn’t lace ’em up at all next year. Whether A-Rod plays three, two or zero months this season, is it time to ask: Is Alex Rodriguez done? Alex turns 38 in July. If he comes back at all in 2013 he Continue reading The end of Alex Rodriguez?