Posada expects to be a Spring Training guest instructor

Jorge Posada was donning the pinstripes once again this weekend for the Yankees’ Women’s Fantasy camp and said he expects to be in Tampa as a guest instructor during Spring Training. ““They haven’t asked me yet, but they said they are going to,” Posada told reporters. “I’ll be around.” As for the possibility of following in former teammate Andy Pettitte‘s footsteps and making a comeback, Posada squashed that notion. “No comeback for me,” said Posada. “I’m good with what I’m doing and I was happy with the decision I made last year around this time. I’m enjoying the family.”

Posada did say he enjoyed the idea of being a coach and bossing around his former teammates, Pettitte, Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. “I’ll be bossing them around … telling them to run, and all that stuff,” he said with a smile on his face. Continue reading Posada expects to be a Spring Training guest instructor

Countdown to Spring Training: 24

In honor of the number 24, I reposting something I wrote on October 31, 2011. It was written to mark the tenth anniversary of Game Four of the 2001 World Series and I named it “October 31, 2001: The Bamtino and Mr. November.” That game, still, to this day, is one of the best games I’ve ever attended. *** So, where were you on October 31, 2001? I was lucky enough to be in Section 16 of the Upper Deck at the old Stadium. As a part of my ticket package at the old place, I had four tickets to Continue reading Countdown to Spring Training: 24

Yankees, Robertson, submit arbitration numbers

The Yankees took care of almost every stone before the deadline to submit arbitration proposals today, but David Robertson remains un-signed, even though there apparently isn’t a lot of daylight between what the two sides are comfortable with. Via Ken Davidoff, Robertson submitted a proposal for a $3.55 million salary in the upcoming season, while the Yankees offered a $2.85 million salary. If the matter actually goes to a hearing the abritrator will choose between one of those numbers (my guess is that Robertson would win), but with less than $1 million separating them, I have a hard time imagining a deal won’t be struck fairly soon, allowing the Yankees to focus on their pre-arbitration players and filling out the rest of the roster. Continue reading Yankees, Robertson, submit arbitration numbers

Countdown To Spring Training: 25

A few guys that have worn the #25 for the Yankees have had special moments during their time in Pinstripes. For instance, the man who currently dons that uniform number for the Yankees, Mark Teixeira, had his lone special playoff moment, so far, in October 2009 when he hit a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 11th inning to seal a 4-3 victory over the Minnesota Twins. In order to even get to that moment, Teixeira was instrumental in guaranteeing the Yankees a chance of even making it to extra innings when he opened the bottom of the Continue reading Countdown To Spring Training: 25

Logan gets $3.15 million salary for 2013

The parade of abritration avoiding agreements continues with top left-handed reliever Boone Logan. His agency tweeted that Logan and the Yankees had reached agreement on a $3.15 million salary for the 2013 season, avoiding an arbitration hearing and leaving David Robertson as the only arbitration eligible player yet un-signed for the Yankees.

Logan pitched well for the Yankees early last season but either regressed to the mean or wilted a bit under an unusually heavy workload at the hands of Joe Girardi. Logan appeared in a career high 80 games, and pitched to a 3.74 ERA and 3.67 FIP with a strikeout-to-walk ratio of 68:28. Continue reading Logan gets $3.15 million salary for 2013

Extensions For Joe & Cano Should Be A Priority

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod) When he wasn’t busy trying to pull non-existent wool over the eyes of us Yankee fans or slapping us in the face with his bulging money clip, Hal Steinbrenner did take some time the other day last week to comment on the upcoming contract situations for Joe Girardi and Robinson Cano.  Both of them enter 2013 in the final year of their current deals, and in typical Yankee fashion Hal played the “we don’t do extensions” card.  That’s not surprising knowing how the Yankees do business when it comes to Continue reading Extensions For Joe & Cano Should Be A Priority

A-Rod’s hip less damaged than expected

Alex Rodriguez underwent surgery on his hip Wednesday and, in addition to keeping the endless string of “successful” surgeries on athletes alive, the Yankees got some early good news on the nature of the injury itself. Via Anthony McCarron, Dr. Bryan Kelly informed the Yankees that there was less cartilage damage in the afflicted hip than expected, which is a good start to the rehab process for A-Rod. “That will mean his rehab has the highest chance of successfully getting back to the level with his hip that he was before his hip started hurting,” Dr. Derek Ochiai, an orthopedic surgeon from Virginia, said. Of course, just what that level is will be an issue all in itself, as Alex has been steadily declining since 2009, and was struggling to find his power stroke early in the 2012 season. But with fully half of that mammoth contract left on the books, any good news on A-Rod’s health will certainly be warmly received by the Yankees. Continue reading A-Rod’s hip less damaged than expected

Yankees avoid arbitration with Joba

First it was Phil Hughes, and now the Yankees have avoided arbitration with Joba Chamberlain as well. Ken Davidoff reports that the two sides reached agreement on a $1.875 million base salary for 2013, with the potential for another $275,000 worth of incentives. That’s a solid deal for both sides, if you ask me, considering the amount of time Joba missed over the last two seasons following Tommy John surgery. It’s hard to make anything out of his relatively brief tenure in the big leagues last season, but he certainly had his moments once he shook the rust off in September. Like Hughes, Joba will be a free agent at the end of the season, so this would be a good time for him to put everything together and give a dominant performance out of the pen over a full season.

The Yankees now have just two arbitration eligible players unsigned in David Robertson and Boone Logan, and today is the deadline for submitting arbitration proposals, so my guess is that Brian Cashman wants to get these deals done soon. Continue reading Yankees avoid arbitration with Joba

2014 Payroll Outlook And The Current Effect

As the Yankees continue to allow free agents to sign elsewhere, the detriments of a $189 million budget in 2014 is growing obvious. They have no real catcher or designated hitter, and the team’s collective age might challenge injury records that they set last season. But World Series victories are not won in January. Despite the fan outcry, there’s plenty of time left to acquire a catcher and designated hitter, though Hal Steinbrenner is making the situation worse. In regards to fans being uneasy with the current roster, he said, “I’m surprised to hear that there’s anger, if you see what we’ve Continue reading 2014 Payroll Outlook And The Current Effect