Silly unions doing union things

It’s been a while since we had some fun with a Lupica column here, but this A-Rod/PED business was just made for him, wasn’t it? There’s not really much of a point in hashing through the whole column, which is more of an exercise in pointless analogy than anything else, but this shot at the players’ union really does take the cake:

It is still early in the game with Rodriguez, you have to know that. Of course the Yankees want him to decide, when and if he recovers from hip surgery, that he is nothing more than a shell of the player he once was, either retire at that point, so they can score insurance money off him, or decide to settle with the Yankees so they can release him once and for all.

Or — this appears to be even more of a longshot — they want the commissioner of baseball, Bud Selig, to hit him with a drug suspension so they can start exploring ways to void his contract, even though the Major League Baseball Players Association will fight to protect guaranteed money in baseball the way gun nuts protect their guns.

Never change man.

First of all, let’s tackle the in-your-face offensiveness of the comparison head on. Without turning this into a debate on gun control (be forewarned, Ill delete any such comments here. If you want to talk politics with me, there’s a Twitter for that), let’s just stipulate that the point of contention in the gun debate is that guns are killing machines. Some people think that’s a good thing, some people think it’s a bad thing, but ultimately the issue is literally a matter of life and death, and somehow the thought of a very rich baseball team being forced to honor an agreement they made of their own free will doesn’t seem quite as bad as being on the wrong end of a gun. Call me a commie, I guess.

The funny thing about it, however, is that Lupica doesn’t really even seem to be tying it back to PED use. He spends a lot of time pointing out that A-Rod is injury prone, less productive than he used to be, and doesn’t figure to be very valuable in the future, but there’s surprisingly little in the way of “get tough with the juicers” outrage. It’s a nice change of pace, but that Lupica just generally hates guaranteed contracts and thinks the union shouldn’t be fighting as hard as they can to keep them makes the premise even more ridiculous.

Seriously, if the union isn’t supposed to fight for guaranteed money, what is their purpose, exactly? It’s not like you can reasonably claim that they aren’t doing enough to fight PED usage or work with the league in negotiations. Why on Earth should they be in the business of accommodating a franchise that wants out of a deal everyone else knew was stupid the moment it was agreed to?

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8 thoughts on “Silly unions doing union things

  1. Maybe Lupica spent to much time with Dick Young ,another twofaced anti-union crank .I remember a time when Sundays first thing in the Daily News , it was Dave Barry and then The Lip , as he styled himself then . Where did he go wrong ??

  2. Lupica lost his mind, and any journalistic skill he may have, sometime back in the 1990s. I can't read his columns any more. Every column he writes, even if it's about Roger Federer, somehow has to use the phrases "200 million dollar payroll," "2004" and "greatest choke ever," and has to also further his own political agenda (sorry, I don't read the News sports section to see what a hack sportswriter thinks about federal tax policy).

  3. lupica is a pompous blowhard who must be surrounded by well-paid enablers who carry him from his bed to his desk to the toilet. That self-righteous hood ornament is no more relevant to the current baseball commenariat than Murray Chass.

    Both lost their proverbial fastball years ago and Lupica is only still hanging on because of the very type of guaranteed contract he wants the team to shred. Maybe aging Daily News readers still love this guy because he's of some bygone era, but cripes, Lupica is terrible.

  4. Well, the general idea is, that some people (i.e. Lupica) embrace the philosophy, that by screeching out "PEDs" (or any other hot button crisis, including gun control), it gives them an opportunity to gain sympathy for poorly conceived actions, too weak to stand on their own merit, intended to advance their own, not necessarily related personal agendas.

  5. Why is anyone even paying attention to Lupica? He was, is and always will be a no talent hack who's time has passed. His liberal hypocrisy and inability to conduct a civil discourse is his trademark. He's nothing more than a bully that unfortunately has not received his just reward. And probably never will, since he hides behind his computer terminal and microphone. Too bad. Would love to see that twerp smacked by someone he's maligned.

  6. Lupica is a bully/coward who will not even allow responses to his inane columns. Back to Arod's latest PED flap, though. The Miami New Times, ESPN unknown sources. Could this be a flimsier bunch of made up garbledegook? They they're saying that Arod was pissed because that Bosch couldn't locate a vein. A vein??????? Who injects PED's intravenously? Weak.