A local paper continues its campaign to run out A-Rod of town

So the Daily News published a story this morning about Alex Rodriguez‘s paranoia. Bear with me.

In the story, anonymous sources (of course) claim Alex is telling friends he believes MLB – with the help of the Yankees – is out to get him and that this whole investigation into Biogenesis is a way to get him out of baseball.

Alex Rodriguez is taking his wildest swing yet in his fight against steroid allegations: The Yankees and MLB are conspiring to push him out of the game. Sources say the embattled Yankee star is “scared” that bigger forces are at work to try to discredit him and sink his career … “He’s scared, because he thinks this is so unbelievably false, and he’s wondering who could be behind this … He thinks something could be going on larger than anyone might think.”

Maybe it’s the illuminati!

I will give you a few seconds to laugh. Okay. Let’s get serious for a few moments.

1) Is the Daily News kidding?
2) Who is the source saying this rubbish?
3) I actually wouldn’t blame A-Rod for being paranoid. According to most, he’s the most evil person ever born.
4) What did Alex do to the writing staff of the Daily News to make them this angry at him?
5) No, really, is the Daily News kidding?

As Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk said earlier this morning, this “story” seems to be another in the line of “A-Rod is done as Yankee” nonsense that the Daily News seems very happy to publish with no real proof of any of it actually happening.

I’m really not a fan of either New York tabloid newspaper these days but I’d expect this sort of story from the Post more than the Daily News.

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14 thoughts on “A local paper continues its campaign to run out A-Rod of town

  1. I'm still astounded that people and companies can make money putting out this garbage and be considered legitimate (ok you got me nobody really considers the daily news legitimate, who am i kidding). I guess when you're in the throes of February and your livelihood depends upon putting out stories when NOTHING IS HAPPENING, you have to make em up and exaggerate the crap out of everything.

    T minus 1 week until we can move on to best-shape-of-his-life stories when pitchers and catchers report.

  2. Anyone with any sense looks at the source and scoffs. But in reality sometimes fiction can damage a person far worse than the worst truth. Even if we are talking about A-Rod. Once some people get ideas is their head you can't change what that believe.

  3. I'm in Iowa- you're saying the Post (home of Joel) is WORSE than the News?

    Or is this just a Coke/Pepsi thing?

  4. Well, now its being reported that Francisco Cervelli visited the clinic, so clearly the treatments do nothing but give you dreamy eyes.

    • This just proves how gritty and scrappy Cervelli is. To put his health at risk long term just shows what kind of gamer he is.

      • And if ARod does it, he's a (Magary reference) GLORYBOY?

        Of course he is. You can't be Latin AND scrappy. Goes against the MSM baseball rules of racial associations.

  5. Why is anyone surprised by this? It's been a very long time since the media bothered to verify stories they print. They've all become third rate gossip rags that just print whatever nonsense comes their way. I think back to Hurricane Sandy, when CNN was reporting, as if it was a fact, the floor of the NYSE was flooded by seawater, which turned out to be completely untrue. There used to be a time journalists wouldn't report news unless they had 3 independent sources. Sadly, those days have gone the way of the buggy whip.