Campos ready for Spring Training

The last ten months or so have been downright brutal for the Yankees’ farm system in the pitching department, but perhaps they’re getting off to a good start in 2013. Via George King, Yankees’ player development chief Mark Newman confirms that Jose Campos has completed his throwing program and is ready to return to the field this spring. Campos, 20, got off to a scorching start with Charleston last April before being sidelined with a mysterious elbow injury. He went on to miss the rest of the season. I would imagine that he’s ticketed for a return to the Riverdogs this year, but the main goal will have to be keeping him healthy over a year of full season ball.

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9 thoughts on “Campos ready for Spring Training

  1. That definitely is good news. Now if it could only be followed up by equally news on Pineda. What Pineda news we have gotten has been encouraging let's hope it continues.

    • I wound be surprised to see Pineda this year in anything more than "spot starter" later in the season. Even if he returns without problems (and the odds are actually against him returning at the same level, if at all) I can't see the Yanks rushing him into the rotation and risking an injury in a year where if he is truly needed then the Yanks will be on the outside looking in and rushing him makes little sense if he is only going to help get in the playoffs with no realistic WS ring in sight. The smarter move is to let him come back slowly and slot him for the rotation in 2014 when Andy and Kuroda are almost certainly gone and he is desperately needed barring a trade (leaving CC, maybe Hughes, maybe Nova and Phelps/Warren).

      • I'm more optimistic then you about his return and how much the Yankees may wind up using him in 2013. If he doesn't suffer any set backs in his rehab I would expect to see the Yankees start to phase him in after the All Star Break. Limiting his pitch count probably initially to about 50 pitches then gradually increasing the count to 60, 75 and maybe as high as 90 by the end of the season. This way he will be fully ready to go for the 2014 season. Just my opinion, we'll have to wait and see,

        • I figure about the same. Pineda's stuff would figure in perfectly during the playoffs if he proves himself capable during the season. The Yankees want him on the field as quick as possible.

        • I agree with all of that, but I think most of his 2013 season will be spent in AAA. That way, he can work on his rehab and ease back into pitching on a regular basis without being under the prying eyes of the NY media and the pressure of being on a MLB roster.

          • I don't think there's any question he'll spend at least 20 days in the minors unless the big team has an injury created need in the rotation.

  2. I'm going to be holding my breath all year on this one. Hopefully the elbow is truly healed and he can get back on his path.

  3. both him and Pineda have top of the rotation stuff. Here's to hoping they can both stay healthy.