Dave for the Cave

On Wednesday night, Stacey and I hosted David Greenwald as our guest on On the Money. Dave is vying for a spot in MLB’s fan cave, and is the only Yankees fan from New York left in the running, which is about all it takes to get the coveted IIATMS endorsement in the contest. So if you’ve got a minute, consider giving Dave a vote, and enjoy this video he made as an application.

3 thoughts on “Dave for the Cave

  1. Vote, you snow-bound masses.

    • Sabrina

      Hey snow isnt funny! Its heavy to shovel and a pain. Wish i could employ arod to shovel my snow. And when he asks for pay. Ill be like, you get paid to suck, Keep shoveling! lol

  2. There's no M in… oh, wait. Never mind.

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