Hal speaks on A-Rod, Cano

Yankees’ owner Hal Steinbrenner just spent some time talking to reporters in Tampa, and with plenty to talk about with less than five days until camp officially opened, he dropped a handful of interesting tidbits. Here’s a rundown:

  • The Yankees are concerned about the latest allegations of PED usage by Alex Rodriguez, but the situation is ot of their hands. MLB is investigating the matter and the league, not the Yankees, will be responsible fo handing out any punishment Alex might be in line for.
  • The Yankees have talked about an extension with Robinson Cano “recently,” and Hal would like to see Robbie as a career Yankee.
  • The Yankees are still looking for a right-handed hitting outfielder, and Hal thinks there’s still time to find one. Ya know, no one has ever stipulated that the Yankees are looking for a good one…
  • And finally, Hal still doesn’t understand why people call him cheap, referencing the one year pacts the Yankees gave Hiroki Kuroda and Andy Pettitte as his counter-examples. ” Sometimes I scratch my head,” he said. Maybe this gig just isn’t for you, Hal.

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5 thoughts on “Hal speaks on A-Rod, Cano

  1. I think one year deals to players is awesome. Wish every player only worked on one year deals and then we could dump them if they do not perform.

  2. Talk is only worth so much–like to know what "right field help" he's referring to. Also, any ARod discussion is wasted time. Arod's best days are long past- at best he's a mediocre player going forward–and not even a player this season.

  3. They made a choice and are whining about how it is being perceived.

    The amount of money they will save getting to their budget limit is chump change compared to how much money they are bringing in on their TV deal over their old budget limit. Since they have bloated contracts on the books, this means the new budget will mean limited ability to improve the team via free agency.

    It's their choice, but I would think before setting a lower budget limit, they should let the bloated contracts age off. Because they aren't doing that, I think they are being cheap when their is no real need. (It's not that much extra money off their revenue streams given how much they are bringing in.)

  4. Don’t count on this so called talk amounting to anything. Cano/Boras have already stated they have no intention of giving the Yankees a hometown discount. And if that is indeed the case there is absolutely no incentive for the Yankees to give try and work out a deal with them before his current contract expires. In fact it makes more sense for them to wait and see what happens during the year.

  5. Have to agree with UFY here. Cano is going to be 30 this year. While not a death sentence, it begs the question of how long he'll be a monster. Second basemen have a habit of falling off the table relatively early. At hte same time, his strength is his bat and that may last longer than his defensive value.

    Were I NY, I would wait to see where the team seems to be heading competitively before I made a major commitment to Robbie, unless he is willing to give the "hometown discount".