Pineda hopes to contribute in 2013

And now for good news from Yankee camp. Reports have come in from Tampa that Michael Pineda showed up 20 lb lighter and that it’s possible, if his recovery continues to go well, that he could contribute to the team in 2013.

Pineda suffered a season ending shoulder injury before he could even make a regular season start for the Yankees in 2012.

While talking with reporters today, Pineda admitted that he wrong to show up to camp overweight last year. “I won’t make that mistake anymore,” also adding “It’s not easy. I have to keep working hard.”

Pineda is itching to get back into action but the Yankees are cautious and don’t want to rush him. While Pineda hopes he can face live batters next month, the Yankees are not saying whether he will or not. He also sounded very excited about his new repaired shoulder and hopes to get his fastball velocity back to 2011 levels.

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7 thoughts on “Pineda hopes to contribute in 2013

  1. I tend not to like to make too many judgements based on newspaper reports, so I'll offer this relatviely lightheartedly, but I do find myself blanching a bit at the words "it's not easy" when used by a professional sportsman to describe the "challenge" of maintaining a suitable weight for his job. I mean it's not like he's a jockey/ boxer/ cyclist who has to strip every last ounce of spare flesh from his frame in order to optimise performance. He just has to avoid becoming morbidly obese.

    • Very true. And as someone who has unfortunately dealt with varying levels of weight loss and gain in the past 10 years (gaining as much as 60 and losing as much as 70) I also find it hard to believe that athletes find this to be such a problem.

      • maybe not athletes – but look at Kirstie Allie – proof positive that Millionaires can have a hard time not packing on the pounds.

        for that matter – look around WalMart – pretty easy for poor folk, too.

  2. Imagine IF both Pineda and A-Rod can return to form even if it's by the All Star break. They both could make the Yankees season with a good 2nd half.