Derek Jeter meets with the media

ESPN just showed a snippet of Derek Jeter‘s press conference. Here are some highlights:

  • He was asked about his rehab and stated that he’s “only been running on a treadmill to this point.” He added that he expects to be running on the field, “within the next few days.”
  • On playing on Opening Day: “Why wouldn’t it be realistic?” and added, “Opening Day was the goal all along.”
  • Jeter made a joke that he’s going to be “on Mo’s schedule this Spring.” In case you don’t get that reference, Mariano Rivera doesn’t really throw that much during Spring Training, usually under 10 innings.
  • He said won’t be playing when the Yankees start playing next week and said “You can write that down.” He also said he believes you don’t need all of Spring Training to get ready. He mentioned past years when he’s played in the WBC as examples of that.

And now for some tweets/quotes from the beat writers assembled in Tampa:

  • From Bryan Hoch of “Derek Jeter said he’s not concerned with reinjuring his ankle; also reveals that he has plates and screws in his ankle now.” And from Jack Curry of YES: “Jeter said he now has a plate and screws in his ankle, which will remain there. Joked that his ankle isn’t going to “fall off.”
  • More Curry: “Jeter on expectations for 2013 Yankees: “Same as always: to win.”
  • Curry again: “Jeter said he had a “terrible” off-season because he was stuck on couch for 5-6 wks, waiting 2 heal. Said he used scooter to get around.” (insert your “the Yankees are so old they need hoveround” jokes here.)
  • And yet more Curry: “Jeter, who had a bone bruise before fracturing the ankle, acknowledged that he probably shouldn’t have played on it.”
  • You guessed it, Curry: “Jeter on Youkilis: “He plays hard. He plays to win. He’s got a lot of intensity.” Jeter said Youkilis doesn’t have to try and replace ARod”

We’ll update as the day goes on.

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3 thoughts on “Derek Jeter meets with the media

  1. Then again, his house in St. Jetersburg is 35k square feet, so he really could use the scooter to his advantage

    • David

      I imagine it like those SNL skits about the Spelling home, back when (original) 90210 was popular…

      • srosegots

        That place was enormous. I think it was 56K square feet. That's pretty insane.

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