Notes from Yankee Camp: Batting practice, infield drills and Jeter’s ankle

Today down in Tampa, the first full team workout was held and by all accounts, it was successful.

Courtesy of Bryan Hoch

Hmm that’s odd, it looks the same to me. Maybe he’s not bouncing as much? I guess we’ll see soon enough. For video of Youkilis and other Yankee batters in the cage, you can visit Mark Feinsand’s Tout page.

One final note, Jack Curry of the YES relayed a story via his Twitter account about Ichiro Suzuki and David Robertson this morning. It seems last season, Ichiro’s interpreter Allen Turner had a catcher’s mitt he used that Robertson liked. Well, Ichiro came into camp this week with one of those mitt’s for Robertson. Robertson was thankful for the gift and said that he hoped to use it someday when his son, 5-month-old Luke, is old enough.

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5 thoughts on “Notes from Yankee Camp: Batting practice, infield drills and Jeter’s ankle

  1. Just my opinion, but I think IF Hafner can stay healthy the Yankees and we fans are going to very, very happy with his performance.

  2. Youk's probably had to rebalance himself after shaving off that heinous accumulation on his chin.

  3. Pronk, if healthy, is going to be a big piece of that offense. If he gets 300 AB, 20-25 homers isn't out of the realm of possibility. He certainly could be another one of those under the radar, bargain basement pick ups for which Brian Cashman is becoming notorious. It was a low risk, high reward signing to begin with. Just keep him strictly in the batters' box and away from first base.