Quote of the Day: Ichiro Suzuki

I really like Ichiro Suzuki. He seems to have a pretty great sense of humor and also doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Case in point: He showed up to camp yesterday in a glittery NYY cap. Of course, there were no pictures of the hat because pictures are not allowed in the clubhouse but nearly every beat writer in Tampa mentioned the cap’s existence on Twitter.

Here’s another reason why I like Ichiro: His hilarious quotes. When talking about the captain Derek Jeter, he had this to say to reporters earlier today, “Jeter was not the eater the media portrayed him to be. That was good to see.”

So now we know that Ichiro reads the New York papers during the offseason. I am really looking forward to a full season of Ichiro quotes. He’s definitely going to make every writer’s job a little easier.

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One thought on “Quote of the Day: Ichiro Suzuki

  1. A few years ago, I read an article about Ichiro at the All-Star game.
    Bear in mind, most of the other All-Stars didn't know Ichiro spoke english, and many of the younger players had no idea about Ichiro altogether.

    Anyway right before the game started, Ichiro would go into the clubhouse and proceed to give a pep-talk to the other players.
    It was in english… he would gesture like crazy, and every third word was a curse.
    He would do 3 minutes of a profanity laced, meaningless rap, just to lousen the other guys up.
    It must have been hilarious!