Some IIATMS changes

Good afternoon, all. For the last two years, my work schedule has prevented me from taking the same active, day-to-day role in contributing to this site. While this hasn’t been easy for me, since I truly love and miss the regular writing and interacting with all of you, it has been easier thanks to Brien Jackson’s diligence and persistence. Handling the day-in, day-out role of running a site like this is not easy and Brien has done a great job in my absence.

Recently, Brien let me know he would not be able to run another season at the helm of this ship for a few reasons, all of them perfectly legitimate and understandable. Brien has indicated that he will continue to contribute as he’s able but not at the pace of the last two years. Thank you, Brien, for your unrelenting drive and desire to keep IIATMS a major Yankees news, info, commentary destination.

Of course, Brien stepping aside left me with one of two choices, and only one was a good one. Thankfully, that’s the direction I’m thrilled to share today. Stacey Gotsulias, who came aboard last year as a contributor, has agreed to step in and assume command of IIATMS. She’s done a great job so far and I have zero concerns about her running things going forward. I couldn’t be happier her accepting this challenge.

Please join me in officially welcoming Stacey as our new lead voice and writer here. I’ve got a few ideas for her, but really, we want to know what you guys want more/less of at IIATMS. Suggestions and comments are welcome below.

For those not yet following Stacey on Twitter: @stacegots

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IIATMS overlord and founder. ESPN contributor. Purveyor of luscious reality.

22 thoughts on “Some IIATMS changes

  1. Stacy has been doing an amazing job IMO. Couldn't be in better hands.

    That being said, Brien's slew of posts will be missed.

  2. No offense to Stacey, but her writing is average, and it's too saccharine and "bubbly" for a sports site. Briens' intellectual no-nonsense analysis and observation will be missed. I understand with these comments I will be attacked, so I'm going to follow River Ave Blues. I'm sure I'll be missed.

  3. Stacey – once you get all the controls, is there any chance YOU could bring back the links to relevant blog posts? I told Jason I'd chill til baseball season came around, but its almost here. Brien accidentally removed them, then was too busy over the holidays to bring them back.

    Stacey – you're my only hope. (plus – I get tired of going to A-Blog, just to find those links.) Would much rather stay here. ;)